How To Easily Order Off Amazon In Korea

Ordering Amazon in Korea
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Wanting to Order Off Amazon in Korea?

Korea has most of everything one could ever need, but sometimes you need goods or foreign items that are difficult too find, not available, or just too expensive in the country. Those who have lived outside of Asia may be more familiar with Amazon’s online ordering when compared to South Korea’s popular online ordering companies. For those who would prefer online shopping with Amazon in Korea, don’t fret! Amazon offers easy and accessible international shipping to South Korea.

Easy Steps To Order Off Amazon in Korea

Step 1: Sign In Or Create An Amazon Account

order amazon in koreaWhile you do not have to have an account or log-in to order items domestically, Amazon does require to do so if you wish to receive items internationally.

For those without an Amazon account, creating one is a piece of cake. Use your mouse to hover the sign in option on the upper right hand side. This will take you to a page to add in your information to create your account.

Amazon Global does require an import fee deposit depending on the country you are having items shipped to. Shoppers can read more about by scrolling all the down to the end of the page. Unfortunately, Amazon Prime benefits do not apply for international shipments.

Step 2: Manage Your Address Book

order amazon in koreaNow that you’ve logged in or created your new Amazon account, click on accounts and lists. Scroll down the page until you see the manage your address book option. Here, you will add your Korean address. Make sure to set it as your default address. 

Step 3: Customs Number

order amazon in koreaAmazon requires you to have a custom’s number to receive international shipments. Custom numbers can be received at uni-pass. However,  if you are unable to get one during your stay simply type in “F”, country code, followed by your passport number.

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Amazon Global is ready to go!

Step 4: Start Your Search

order amazon from koreaLet’s get down to business! If you are not exactly sure of where to begin your search, the left hand panel labeled departments is a great starting place. Otherwise type your item into the search bar.

Step 5: Refine Your Search

order amazon from koreaBefore adding products to your shopping cart, be sure to confirm that your coveted item is available for shipping to South Korea. Simply, scroll down the left hand side of your screen. There is a section titled “Refine By.” Within this section, you will click on the “Ship to Korea, Ship to.” This will filter out items that are ineligible for shipment to South Korea.

Unfortunately, food options are mostly restricted from entering South Korea.

Step 6: Shop Till You Drop

order amazon from koreaNow, here comes the favorite part of online shopping: adding items to your cart! Some items leaning towards the more expensive side in Korea can be found on Amazon at a far cheaper price.

Those makeup brands that you desperately wish you could find in South Korea are readily available on Amazon. As For me, I cannot find any foundations or concealers in my shade or hair care, so Amazon has been a godsend!

Men, you have not been left out. Amazon has great options for those having difficulty finding proper care for their beloved facial hair

Step 7: Check Out

order amazon from south koreaOnce you are satisfied with all of the items in your cart, guide your mouse to your cart. Click on it, and it will be led to a screen showing all of the items in your shopping cart.

If you are new to Amazon, click the proceed to check out option to insert your payment information and select your shipping address.

Step 8: Review Your Order

order amazon from south koreaYou are almost to the finish line! Go over the items in one last time to make sure you have all of the correct goodies in your bag.

Step 9: Place Your Order!

order amazon from south koreaBefore you press the yellow place your order button on the right hand side, make sure to select your shipping preference. Standard shipping takes up to two weeks, and remember shipping and handling costs vary.

Once you picked your preference, press the place your order button and jump for joy!

Step 10: A Waiting Game

order amazon from south koreaYou have placed your order, so now sit back and relax as you await the arrival of your items.

Amazon Global is a great way to get those hard-to-find or nonexistent in Korea to Korea. All in all, ordering from Amazon in Korea is easy and convenient.

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