Best Courses for Golf in Jeju Island

golf in jeju island
Photos by Robert Ruggiero on unsplash

Golf in Jeju Island

Words by Daniel McNamee

The popular vacation destination has more than just beaches. A trip to one of the 40 or so golf courses on the island can be a great way to experience some of the scenery on the island. Many courses have beautiful views of Hallasan Mountain in one direction and the sea in the other. Jeju golf courses also tend to be open for more of the year and are more reasonably priced than those on the mainland.
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Jeju Country Club Public Course

golf in jeju island

The public course at the Jeju Country Club offers good value and scenic views of Jeju (“Cheju” is an older spelling). The course is very wide and lenient on a more novice golfer. It’s possible to leave with more balls than you came with. The golfers here are more forgiving for those who are not hitting bogey or better on each hole.

Price 9 holes is W46,000 during the week and W64,000 on the weekend. Two golfers will need to add in W70,000 for the caddy and cart fee.
Size 9 hole, par 36, 3196-yard course
For more information, check out their website here or call 064-702-0451
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Ecoland Golf Course

ecolang golf course

This beautiful, naturally maintained course is surrounded by woodlands. It is an excellent place to golf since each hole is different from the last, with new challenges for golfers with each shot. The price is good, too, especially because no caddy is required. If you visit Ecoland, bring your balls with you: there are some hazards to deal with here. The course is rated 73.1- 73.3 because there is not a lot of rough to work with and plenty of obstacles.

Price The basic fee for one round of 18 holes is W90,000 during the week and W120,000 on the weekends (if you make your reservations online). Renting a two-person cart will cost W20,000.
Size 27 hole, par 108, 9652-yard course
For more information, check out their website here or call 064-802-8000

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Nine Bridges Public Course

The public course at Nine Bridges is extremely well maintained. It is as good as some private courses, except for the small size. Golfers walk the course with a hand-pulled cart. With no caddies or electric carts, it’s very peaceful here. The fact that the course is only six holes keeps away a lot of serious golfers, and that makes the environment ideal for learning or trying to remember your swing.
Price 6 holes is W16,000 during the week and W23,000 on the weekend with a W30,000 cart fee.
Size 6 hole, par 22, 1,523-yard course

For more information, check out their website here or call 064-793-9999

*Prices are subject to change so refer to their website for more information.

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