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English-Speaking Yoga Classes In Korea

There are few better ways to promote all around physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing than yoga. Studies show yoga relaxes the nervous system, improves immunity, and increases strength and flexibility.

Although yoga takes many forms, Hatha Yoga, the physical practice of postures, is what many people associate with the term “yoga”. In traditional Hatha Yoga, the practice is slow, with postures held from 30 seconds to 5 minutes or more. Today a variety of forms of yoga are practiced in both Korea and the West:

The 5 Different Types of Yoga

Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Power Yoga

This is more athletic than the other forms. They combine movements in a dance like sequence, flowing from one posture to the next.

Bikram and Hot Yoga

This involves a series of 26 postures practiced in a room heated to 35 degrees. These are excellent for weight loss.


This Focuses on the correct alignment of the bones and joints. It is beneficial for people recovering from injuries.


A spiritual form of yoga which uses postures and chants to “open the heart”.


Relaxes and calms the body and mind.

Finding Yoga Classes In Korea

When choosing a yoga teacher, first consider your needs and decide on an appropriate style. Next consider the teacher’s training and certification. A good teacher will be certified by a national body (Yoga Alliance, International Yoga Federation or Korean Yoga Federation).

Finally, visit the class. Most studios will offer a free lesson to new students or will let you observe the class. Regardless of the style, each class should be taught in a relaxing environment.

Teachers should be engaged in the class and helping students by correcting postures in order to prevent injuries. If you are interested in yoga taught in English, please visit one of the studios below.

Yoga In Seoul

Body & Seoul Martial Arts and Fitness Center | Gyeongridan

This is a multipurpose space in Itaewon that offers yoga classes in different disciplines, among other interesting activities such as MMA, Muay Thai, and more. See their schedule here.

Phone: 02-749-2485, 010-6397-2662
Email: [email protected]
Social: Facebook, Website

New York Wholistic Care | Itaewon

Get your yoga classes customized for your particular needs at this wellness center. With their amazing yoga instructors, you will experience the benefits of wholistic yoga. They will help cultivate your body’s natural flexibility, hidden deep inside the untapped part of your being. No one is too stiff for wholistic yoga. After a thorough evaluation, your exercise will be custom designed to suit your needs.

Phone: 02-792-2296
Email: [email protected]
Social: Facebook, Website

JAI Yoga and Meditation | Apgujeong

Jai Yoga offers a great range of yoga classes.

Phone: 02-3443-9642 / 9649
Email: [email protected]
Social: Facebook

Hongik Yoga Institute | Gangnam

Hongik Yoga Institute is a center of study of genuine Korean spirit and Oriental philosophy. Foreign practitioners who have been with us have taken with themselves Korean culture and warm affection implementing these values in education, art and daily life of their countries. These civil diplomats adopt the practice system of Hongik Yoga Institute as a discipline to guide their fellow citizen.

Phone: 02-334-2350
Email: [email protected]
Social: Website

Ashtanga Yoga Studio | Gangnam

Welcome to Ashtanga Yoga in the Gangnam district of Seoul Korea. This is the premier home of Ashtanga yoga in Korea. We offer Ashtanga Vinyasa led classes as well as Mysore style classes to suit your needs. The teachers are friendly and inviting, and the Director David Yang is an instructor authorized in the Ashtanga Mysore lineage of Yoga. David Yang is a senior teacher who provides intuitive guidance and adjustments for his students.

Phone: 02-582-4401/4402
Email: [email protected]
Social: Facebook

Om Factory Seoul | Gangnam

Traditional Vinyasa and Ashtanga classes as well as Aeriel Yoga, Forrest Yoga and AcroYoga. All AcroYoga classes are in English and most classes offer Korean and English instruction.

Phone: 02-515-1932~3
Email: [email protected]
Social: Facebook

Yoga Studio Min | Mapo-gu

This class teaches the basics of Iyengar yoga. Standing poses, shoulder stand and other fundamental poses are taught. Students learn alignment and gross movement of the body. Simple usage of props will be taught. Students start to become familiar with the Iyengar yoga system. Suitable for beginners and students with no Iyengar Yoga experience.

Email: [email protected]

Hongik Yoga Institute | Sinchon

Hongik Yoga Institute is a yoga studio that offers classes in English. This studio understands how moving to a foreign country may be a stressful experience, and offers yoga classes in English for those looking to relieve that stress and understand yoga from a distinctive Korean philosophy.

Phone: 02-334-2350
Email: [email protected]
Social: Website

Magic Pond International Yoga School | Seocho

Magic Pond Yoga is a foreign Yoga school in Seoul, South-Korea. Yoga Master Ron Katwijk is a highly qualified and honorary secretary and representative of the International Yoga Federation (IYF) for Korea. They offer Yoga courses in a casual setting, with lots of practice and discussing the old scriptures in reference to modern day life.

Phone: 010-3689-1799
Email: [email protected]
Social: FacebookYoutube, Website

Ananda Yoga Center | Nokbeon-dong

Phone: 02-2646-1998, 010-8952-1407
Email: [email protected]
Social: Facebook

Ashtanga Prana Yoga | Songpa-gu

Phone: 82-2488-0602
Email: [email protected]
Social: Facebook

Yoga In Busan

Kaizen Korea | Nam-gu

Kaizen is a community space shared by those inspired and dedicated to our mission of continuous improvement. Here people come to learn more about building a more functional tool (body) to do what you need it to do- play sports, manage health risks (diabetes, stroke,etc.), be your students’ human jungle gym, discover nirvana. Here you are met with the instruction of a teacher dedicated to having the best, most comprehensive program available. We’re excited to teach and learn from you!

Phone: 82-51-758-6066
Email: [email protected]
Social: Facebook, Instagram

Yoga In Daegu

Ayurveda Yoga Academy, Manchon Center | Manchon-dong

Ayurveda is the science of life, the wisdom of living. It is a form of Indian traditional alternative medicine. Ayurveda Yoga Academy is based on this ancient wisdom and the Yoga Sutra, which is the bible of yoga.

Also, we combine Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, and Tantra with modern BodyMind therapy. We aim for integral therapy to unify the BodyMind, and in doing so transform the individual, society, world, and universe.

We offer yoga classes, yoga teacher training, Thai massage sessions, massage courses through our Massage School, and variety of workshops and programs throughout the year.

Phone: 010-7794-1218 (eng)
Email: [email protected]
Social: Facebook

Ayurveda Yoga Academy, Gyeongsan Retreat | Manchon-dong

Phone: 010-7794-1218 (eng)
Email: [email protected]
Social: Facebook

Ayurveda Yoga Academy, Siji Center | Sinmae-dong

Phone: 010-7794-1218 (eng)
Email: [email protected]
Social: Facebook

Yoga In Gwangju

Gwangju Yoga | Dong-gu

Social: Facebook

Yoga In Gyeonggi-do

Bikram Yoga Pyeongcheon | Anyang

With great reviews this place is the only place you need in town offering hot yoga.

Phone: 031-422-9642
Social: Facebook

If you happen to know any other yoga institutes that you think should be in here send us all the details at [email protected]

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