Beyond Korea: A Three-Day Unwinding Itinerary in Macau – Things to do in Macau

Things to do in Macao-Grand Lisbao Palace Outdoor pool

The ultimate guide of things to do in Macau

Traveling from Korea to Macau is accessible and affordable, making it an ideal getaway for those who are already in Korea or planning a trip to the region. While Macau is famed for its vibrant nightlife, it also offers numerous opportunities for relaxation and cultural exploration.

Here’s a perfect three-day itinerary featuring some of the best things to do in Macau, including a luxurious staycation at the Grand Lisboa Palace Resort Macau, which is an integrated resort featuring accommodation, dining, shopping and relaxation all under one roof.

Day 1 – Arrival and Exploration


Upon arriving in Macau, you may get onto the free shuttle bus provided by the resort. This convenient service whisks you away from the bustling airport directly to the Grand Lisboa Palace Macau. Check into a guestroom where spacious comfort meets the intricate beauty of Portuguese style. Each room is adorned with custom artwork crafted by a locally renowned artist, adding a unique touch to your stay. Remember to select a garden view overlooking the European-style Jardim Secreto, where tranquility envelops you with its lush greenery and quiet elegance.

Things to do in Macao-Grand Lisbao Palace Junior Suite

Start your journey in the heart of Macau at Senado Square, a bustling hub and UNESCO World Heritage site adorned with rich history and vibrant street life. As you wander along the iconic Calçada Portuguesa (Portuguese pavement), let the Portuguese architecture and lively local ambiance captivate your senses. 

Just a short walk away, the Ruins of St. Paul’s is another UNESCO site. This historic landmark is a haven for photography enthusiasts and anyone interested in Macau’s storied past.

Things to do in Macau-Senado Square-Ruins of St. Paul's


After a thrilling day exploring downtown, why not wrap up your evening in grand style? Dinner at the Michelin-starred Robuchon au Dôme, nestled in the stunning Grand Lisboa Macau, a sister property of Grand Lisboa Palace Macau. This restaurant awarded three Michelin stars for 16 consecutive years, promising an exquisite French dining experience in the city.

Things to do in Macau-Robuchon au Dome Grand Lisboa
Signature dish: Le Caviar and Le Black Cod

As you savor the flavors of authentic French gastronomy, prepare to be fascinated by the restaurant’s stunning centerpiece – a breathtaking chandelier crafted from over 131,500 Swarovski crystals that cascades from the ceiling. Paired with panoramic views of Macau’s night view, your evening at Robuchon au Dôme is sure to be an unforgettable blend of luxury, elegance, and culinary delight. 

Things to do in Macao-Grand Lisbao-Robuchon au Dôme_Interior

Day 2 – Relaxation and Recreation


Kick off a cozy morning with an indulgent in-room breakfast featuring a selection of gourmet options delivered right to your door. After savoring your meal, consider a leisurely stroll through the Jardim Secreto. This European and Baroque-style garden is a visual feast, complete with a grass maze, lush lawns flanked by elegant pavilions and a colonnade, offering a tranquil escape from your day.

Things to do in Macau-Breakfast In Room-Jardim Secreto Grand Lisbao Palace

Alternatively, if you’re in the mood to refresh your body, take a dip in the stunning indoor pool. Adorned with exquisite Macanese and Baroque designs, the pool mirrors the hotel’s sophisticated East-meets-West aesthetics, providing a serene and refreshing morning experience. Whether you choose a peaceful walk or an energizing swim, start your day wrapped in the relaxation of the Resort’s finest.

Things to do in Macao-Grand Lisbao Palace Indoor Pool


Ready to elevate your shopping experience? Indulge into a world of luxury at cdf Macau Grand Lisboa Palace Shop, where over 170 international brands of accessories, watches, and jewelry await you at unbeatable prices. For some ideas on buying souvenirs, explore NY8 New Yaohan, a deluxe supermarket featuring with international fresh produce and wines; the stylish lifestyle zone offers from men and ladies’ fashion, digital electronics to home décor. 

Things to do in Macau-CDF-NY8-Grand Lisbao Palace Shop


End your day on a high note at Macau Tower. Soak in the sweeping city views from the observation deck, especially wonderful landscape at sunset. If you’re up for a thrill, try the world’s highest bungee jump – it’s an adrenaline-pumping adventure that gives you a whole new perspective of Macau. Perfect for both relaxation and excitement!

Things to do in Macau-Macau Tower

Day 3 – Cultural and Culinary Delights


Old Taipa Villlage and Rua do Cunha are the must visit locations in Taipa. Old Taipa Village is known for its charming streets, traditional shops, and local eateries. It is a fascinating blend of colonial Portuguese architecture and Chinese cultural heritage. Stroll through the narrow lanes and enjoy the vibrant street art. The village is also famous for its food street, Rua do Cunha, where you can sample local delicacies such as almond cookies and pork chop buns.

Things to do in Macau-Rua do Cunha street


After a vibrant street hunt in Taipa old town, treat yourself to a rejuvenating escape at The Spa at Grand Lisboa Palace. Immerse in a blend of Baroque and Chinese style interiors as skilled therapists pamper you with Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star service. Indulge in luxurious facials or body massages using Biologique Recherche products, a renowned French skincare brand known for its clinical approach. Leave feeling refreshed and radiant, with your skin glowing from the inside out.

Things to do in Macau-The Spa at Grand Lisboa Palace


Taste the authentic Italian cuisine flavors, reach out to Don Alfonso 1890 at Grand Lisboa Palace Resort Macau, the Michelin-starred family-owned restaurant with head chef Federico Pucci showcases the classic flavor of Southern Italy to Macau. Savor dishes crafted from fresh produce like San Marzano tomatoes and Nocellara del Belice olives, straight from their own farm in Italy, ensuring every bite is a gourmet journey to Naples.

Things to do in Korea-Don Alfonso
Signature dish: Vitello Tonnato and Il Nostro Tiramisù

The restaurant’s ambiance is as captivating as its cuisine. Each element, from bespoke furniture to Rosenthal x Versace tableware, exudes the lush glamour and luxury of Versace. Immerse yourself in an opulent Italian dining experience where every detail is designed to delight. 

Things to do in Macao-Grand Lisbao Palace-Don Alfonso_Front

Conclusion – Things to do in Macau

This itinerary offers a blend of relaxation and adventure, highlighting some of the best things to do in Macau. From exploring historic sites and indulging in world-class dining to relaxing at luxurious spas and shopping at retail fairyland, Macau provides a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The Grand Lisboa Palace Macau’s accommodations and dining options serve as a luxurious base for your stay to create an unforgettable experience. Additionally, don’t miss the Grand Lisboa Macau, located in the hear of Macau with its impressive architecture and the exquisite Michelin-starred restaurant Robuchon au Dôme.

Plan your next vacation at Grand Lisboa Palace Macau!

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