9 Relaxing Day Trips to Take Outside of Seoul

Seoul has many sites to see. From mountains to palaces, every subway stop is the beginning to a brilliant adventure. Sometimes, the hustle and bustle of city can be draining. These nine, relaxing day trips outside of Seoul will re-energize visitors and show South Korea’s beauty beyond the lights of Seoul.


Day Trips to Take Outside of Seoul paju

At first glance Paju probably does not seem like a place anyone would want to go to. It is close to the North Korean border, it does not have a whole lot of pzazz. This is exactly why it would make a great day trip. It is a side of South Korea that not many get to see. Since it is so close to the North Korean border, visitors can see into the country through binoculars.

An ostrich farm is also available for those seeking an exotic experience.

For something a little less intense, visitors can also see Paju’s Flower Festival held during May.

Boseong Green Tea Fields

Day Trips to Take Outside of Seoul boseong

Boseong Green Tea Fields may be a little more than a day trip, but it is worth the extra time. This tea plantation has become an integral part of South Korea since Japanese occupation. The plantation is also home to Boseong Cedar Road, which is one of the most beautiful country roads in the country.

With Spring in full swing, Boseong Green Tea Fields are definitely a popular destination with five hiking trails and beauty to last centuries.

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Seoraksan National Park

This park is a beautiful site to see. Not only does it has an amazing view from the mountain tops, but it has breathtaking views from ground-level too. The park is home to about 1,400 rare plants and many rare animals.

The park expands across four cities, Sokcho, Inje, Goseong and Yangyang, allowing visitors to explore its waterfalls, springs, and valleys.


Technically, Seochon is still in Seoul. But, it’s where the old meets the new. Visitors can explore the streets of the famous Hanok Village and get a taste of what Joseon-era Korea used to be like. This historical neighborhood is often associated with merchants and physicians and other middle class occupations.

Andong Folk Village

Day Trips to Take Outside of Seoul andong

This is another historical neighborhood filled with lots of Korean gems. Visitors can see old houses and birth houses while exploring the village and other attractions surrounding it.

Andong Village was the birthplace to a few prominent, Joseon scholars.


Hoengseong, located in the Gangwon Province, is known for producing high-quality beef and it’s views. Its mountain terrain allows cattle build up just the right amount of rear muscle to become a tasty meal for locals and visitors alike.

Hoengseong holds its Hanu Festival every year, which includes self-restaurants. Visitors can also enjoy nearby hot springs too.

Enjoy the gorgeous mountains while eating delicious beef!

Chinatown / Fairytale Village

Day Trips to Take Outside of Seoul chinatown

Incheon is a day trip that will leave you in high spirits. It’s Chinatown is full of colors and the perfect mix of Chinese and Chinese-Korean cuisine. It is large, but somehow easy to get around. It’s decorated so intricately that for a moment visitors may think they’ve briefly been transported to China.

As visitors near the end of the neighborhood, Chinatown inconspicuously transitions into a place that is equally as puzzling as it is entertaining.  

Day Trips to Take Outside of Seoul fairy tale village

Fairytale Village is quite a sight. It has all of the favorite fairy tales painted across the neighborhood. It is a place for adults to reminisce about their childhood and children to bask in their favorite stories.

Fairytale Village is also a great place to take pictures!

Herb Island / Pocheon Art Valley

Day Trips to Take Outside of Seoul herb island

There is much to see in this city located in Gyeonggi. Pocheon is home to Herb Island, Pocheon Art Valley, and surprising restaurants.

Herb Island is a popular destination for tourists. It includes an aromatherapy center, herb museum, herb restaurant, herb bakery, and so much more.

The island focuses on showcasing and growing Mediterranean herbs that relax the body and mind. Every month the island holds various events for visitors to see. Winter is peak season as people travel to see the island lit with Christmas lights.

After relaxing at Herb Island, head over to Pocheon Art Valley. This incredible destination was created from a granite quarry. Visitors can see regular exhibitions and visit the Pocheon Art Valley Astronomical Science Museum. The science museum is known for its astronomical observation room that includes constellation readings and a 4D video room.

To add a bit humor to your trip, be sure to check out Pocheon’s infamous penis cafe. Tucked away on a little country road, visitors will have no trouble finding the cafe. While there seems to be penises everywhere, men are served drinks cups shaped like vaginas or the female body.

Garden of Morning Calm

Day Trips to Take Outside of Seoul garden of the morning calm

The name does not do it justice. This beautiful garden is the perfect beginning and end to any day. It is the essence of peace and serenity. Located in Gyeonggi, this garden was created to embody Korea’s “curves, spaces and asymmetric balance,” and “express classic elegance and fabulousness, according to its site.

Spring is here, and these destinations are perfect for beating the heat and escaping the craziness of the city!