Korean Beauty YouTubers You Should Be Watching

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1. Dayeong’s Beauty drawing

Dayeong Kim’s Youtube channel features easy to follow make up tutorials with English subtitles with practical advice and skincare tips. Unlike many Korean beauty gurus, Dayeong provides a wide range of make up looks from a dramatic Barbara Palvin inspired cat eye to a soft Cherry Blossom inspired tutorial.

Useful tip: Dayeong swears that if you stick your false eyelashes below your real ones instead of on top, it’ll look a lot more real. It takes practice, but she often gets compliments on her beautiful “natural” lashes.



2. Jungsaemmool

This channel belongs to professional make up artist Saemmool Jung. In addition to everyday hair and make up, Jung’s videos closely follow K-beauty trends with K-pop and K-drama inspired looks.


3. PONY Makeup

If you’re looking for something a bit more flashy than an everyday make up look, PONY Makeup is the way to go. Her make up looks are colorful, vibrant, and trendy. Her channel also features English subtitles.

One thing to take note of, however, is that most of her make up tutorials start with the use of colored contacts or “circle lenses” as they are popularly referred to in Korea. You might not be able to truly achieve her look without them.


4. lamuqe

Many of lamuqe’s make up tutorials deal with transforming the face and giving an illusion of coveted features such as larger eyes and smaller faces. She is known for her immaculate skin and often has useful skincare advice like this 3 step pore cleansing routine.

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5. Yeondukong

Yeondukong’s channel features noticeably cutesier, lighter looks. It’s not surprising that most of her fan base is comprised of teens. Surprising fact: This Youtube star is 25 years old.


6. So Young’s Beauty Room

So Young’s channel derives a lot of inspiration from K-pop. One of her most popular videos talks about the differences between Korean and American make up looks. She also loves Korean “road shop” products and indie brands, so tune if you’re interested in Korean beauty products but don’t know where to start.