5 Korean Mask Packs for Head-to-Toe Pampering

Woman wearing a sheet mask
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In these quarantine times, it’s more important than ever to perfect the art of self-care. So while you’re staying inside, why not treat yourself to a home spa experience? Brew some tea, light some candles, and turn on a nature sounds video on YouTube for the ultimate relaxation. Here are five Korean mask packs to pick up (or order online) and pamper yourself from head to toe.

Mediheal Hair Sheep Steam Pack

Mediheal Sheep Steam Hair Mask

Mediheal is a major player in the skin care game, and their expertise expands to the field of hair care. This sheep-shaped hair mask is made with collagen to leave your strands looking silky and healthy. Slather your hair in the serum, slip on the bonnet, enjoy the steamy feeling for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse. Air dry or blow dry for a salon-level hairstyle that leaves you cuter than Bo Peep.

Steambase Daily Eye Mask

Steambase Daily Eye Mask

Let’s be real, that Screen Time average on your phone has been steadily climbing ever since social distancing started. It’s doing a number on your retinas, so you should give your eyes a little break. This eye mask delivers warmth, like a hot bath, so it refreshes tired peepers after a long day of surfing social media. It comes in different scents too for the full spa experience — but reach for chamomile or lavender if you want legit relaxation.

Cremorlab Mask Pack

Cremorlab Herb Tea Calming Mask

Pollen and pollution can make skin freak out, and stress just adds to that. This calming mask is made for sensitive skin, and it has a boost of herbal tea power to help soothe your fragile face even more. Smooth this on for 20 minutes and then tap the excess serum in gently to not irritate your skin any further. It’s a nice mood booster, even if you can’t feel the sun on your face. 

Monvely Baby Hand Mask

Monvely Baby Hand Mask

Now, we’re not saying you should do all of these packs at once, but if you wanted to, you totally could. This hand mask features paraffin to soften up even the roughest mitts, and the outer gloves let you keep using your smartphone while you wait out the timer. No more mask pack paralysis — hit up all your group chats on Kakao at the same time as you glow up.

Foot Massage Double Essence Mask Pack

Soflisse Foot Massage Double Essence Mask

When venturing outside only to make infrequent trips to the convenience store, putting on real shoes is such a chore, so your casual slides have been getting a lot more use, right? Even so, if you’re not wearing socks your toes are in full view, so let’s not get lax on our foot care! This mask cools and soothes tired hooves and packs a moisturizing punch so even if you can’t visit your nail place, you can get pedi-fresh feet.

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