Strawberry TOK! TOK!: A Sweet Spring Buffet

Strawberry season seoul


Make the Most of Strawberry Season in Seoul with Strawberry TOK! TOK!


Take advantage of strawberry season in Seoul while you still can! Until April 30, the Belle-Essence Seoul Hotel will present an unlimited strawberry dessert buffet they have affectionately called, ‘Strawberry TOK! TOK!’

Located in the Trevil Lounge from 2:30-5pm every day, this year’s ‘Strawberry TOK! TOK!’ Presents a wide variety of desserts with some old favorites as well as an upgraded menu from previous years!

This year patrons can expect to see fresh strawberries in all shapes and forms: strawberries dipped in fondue, strawberry pizza, strawberry and crab salad, strawberry sandwiches, strawberry egg tarts, rolle cake, cookies, and so much more. The promotion also includes strawberry smoothies, cocktails, freshly squeezed juice. Savor your strawberry delights with a cup of sweet and aromatic ‘Ronnefelt’ tea.

At just W28,000 per person (including 10% service charge and 10% tax), you can enjoy the unlimited ‘Strawberry TOK! TOK!’ buffet with your loved ones this spring.


Period: Until April 30th

Available time: 2:30pm ~ 5pm every day

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Price : KRW 29,000 (inclusive of 10% service charge and 10% tax.)

Information & Reservations: Trevi Lounge 02-2222-8627

strawberry season seoul