Run and Rave at Electrodash Seoul This Summer

All the summer nights of chimdaek and soju have been adding up, yet skipping out on Seoul’s  nightlife for a date with a treadmill sounds incredibly unappealing… introducing ElectroDash, a global annual EDM festival and 5K fun run.


On August 6th, the streets of Yeouido turn from trafficked hell to an illuminated heaven of UV paint, bubbles, powder, and black light archers to set it all aglow. Bumping along to the flashing LED lights and boom of tropical house music, Electro-dashers get to see amazing graphic art light projections against the city skyline while enjoying views of the river in hues of electric turquoise, hot pinks, and magentas.


The “run” culminates in a black light arena in Han River Park with Insta-worthy photo opps and a professionally DJ’ed afterparty. Although ElectroDash is an internationally acclaimed festival, this is only it’s second year in Seoul; last year’s race drew crowds of over 11,000 Electro-dashers with Bueno Clinic performing as its musical finale.

For those lacking in the colored wardrobe department, ElectroDash outfits you with glow-in-the-dark tattoos, neon glow glasses, a LED bracelet, and an official ElectroDash 2016 T-shirt.


When: August 6th
Where: Hangang Yeouido Park

How To get There:

1) Yeouinaru Station (Seoul Subway Line 5), Exit 1.
Walk 10 minutes towards SBS TV Station.

2) Yeouido Station (Seoul Subway Line 5), Exit 3.
Walk 5 minutes towards the National Assembly building.

Tickets are available online here:

Watch the Official Trailer here: