Eggbun Korean Language App: Get Beyond the Basics

Eggbun Korean Learning App

A good language learning app can be hard to come by. While we’ve previously published a list of some of the best free Korean language apps, outside of this list it can be hard to find something that’s both user friendly and that offers meaningful learning beyond rote memorization of vocab and grammar skills. Anyone who’s tried to learn a foreign language will know conversation or better yet, immersion, is what really cements a new language in those unrelenting neurons. For beginners though this isn’t always so easy to come by – that’s where the Eggbun Korean language app comes in: A newly launched app that helps beginner-level language learners to practice conversation via chat without teachers or language exchange partners. The app uses artificial-intelligence-like technology to deliver 5 minute lessons in the form of chat.

The system r
eplaces the drudgery of learning apps that prioritize passive memorization, with active situations appropriate to the users language level. With two levels of commitment, free and premium, Eggbun is a great starting out point for anyone. Created by a strong team of developers, designers and linguists, the app is a well rounded product that delivers simple user friendly design interface, with adorable animations.

Creator and CEO of Eggbun, Fernando Moon, has studied 6 languages, failing at  3, and succeeding at the other 3. His failure and success drove him to create an experience that gets to the heart of what learning a new language is all about: communication.We truly believe that If we study other languages, we can easily understand other people with different culture,” he says.  The app is a great addition to any newbie’s repertoire – perfect for practicing conversation before plunging into the real deal. 

Visit their website to download the app, or their Facebook for more information.

Eggbun Korean Learning App