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“When I say Koreans go above and beyond their job description, I mean it. The hospitality that I was given during my stay was, undoubtedly, the most hospitable I have ever received. MediHealy employees didn’t just help me get plastic surgery, but became my friends.”

– V.Chan, Malaysian, 62

Traveling to a foreign country to receive medical treatment can be a daunting experience. Away from friends and family, logistical issues can combine with communication barriers to make receiving healing therapy a stressful experience. MediHealy (Zhihua) are here to make sure that from arrival to departure, foreign clients get to enjoy all of their time in Korea, and receive some of the best medical treatment in the world at reasonable prices.

Korea’s Amazing Medical Care

With its extremely efficient medical system, Korea has become famous around the world for providing quality medical care at a reasonable price. An IT leader, Korean technology, and medical facilities use the most recent, state-of-the-art devices and automation. The doctors and nurses are both highly skilled at what they do and care greatly for their foreign patients.

This all comes together to make Korea the best place in the world to seek medical treatment, particularly for their greatest areas of expertise: cancer treatment, knee replacement surgery, spinal surgery, orthopedic surgery, stem cell treatment and plastic surgery.

Special Treatment from MediHealy (Zhihua) Medical Concierge

Typically at zero cost to you, the medical concierge services of MediHealy (Zhihua) will ensure that you have a stress-free, productive time in Korea. While the vast majority of hospitals absorb the fees for our service, ensuring that you do not pay any service charges. Rest assured that we will make sure that all fees and charges are clearly communicated before proceeding.

We will not only assist with finding the right hospital or clinic for your ideal treatment, but we will also help you with all the other details, including providing convenient interpretation and our Care Manager Service during your trip. You can receive an estimate of your medical costs before arrival and even get a second opinion before starting your treatment regimen. We can fast track your case and make an appointment to fit into your travel schedule. We also can provide a follow up after you go back to your country.

As a medical tourism concierge service company, we have a partnership with major general hospitals, specialized clinics, and reliable plastic surgery clinics. There is absolutely no added charge to you if you contact us and start to plan our services.SUPPORT WITH MEDIHEALY

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MediHealy (Zhihua) provide efficient and thorough concierge services, from hospital arrangements, transportation, personal care, and tour arranging to a wide variety of patients.

All services are available in English, Chinese and Russian, enabling secure communication between staff and clients. MediHealy (Zhihua) offers top-notch customer care, an abundance of knowledge and experience, and the utmost convenience and comfort for their clients. MediHealy (Zhihua) is distinctive in their provision of easy and clear communication between clients and staff, especially those requiring English, Chinese, Russian services.

If you are seeking a convenient and thorough medical tourism experience, MediHealy (Zhihua) is your answer. With a focus on client care, and ensuring that there is a flow of communication between the client and the medical professional, MediHealy (Zhihua) offers an impeccable standard of customer service and medical expertise. From the point of arrival in Korea until the journey home, MediHealy (Zhihua) will ensure that your stay in Korea is smooth, comfortable and without stress or worry.

What our customers have said about us:

“Thank you for your support and guidance. You helped me feel comfortable and safe with my life changing decisions, I hope you do well with all your future endeavors, Thanks again for all your kindness.”

– SSG Mariah Green, Female Age of 26


“When it came down to the moment right before the surgery, I was so nervous, and the team literally stayed by my side and gave me the courage. The team worked hard to understand my expectations; they listened and asked questions until there was no doubt that our communication was clear on all sides.

I’m happy with the results and at peace with my trip to Korea. I’m so glad I went through my stay in Korea with MediHealy, and I highly recommend them to others.  Because they focused on all the details and logistics, I was free to focus on my personal journey and got enough rest while I got treatment in Korea.”

– Vania Fostina from Indonesia, Female Age of 59

Contact Us:

Telephone: 02-2103-8024
Mobile: 010-5515-8901


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