Save Money and Support Small Business with New Coffee App

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Koreans do great coffee, but they also do expensive coffee. Seoul takes out the honor for the steepest coffee prices in the world according to – over and above cities like London, Paris and Rome, renowned for their outrageously expensive amenities. Despite the high prices, competition is fierce and coffee shops abound throughout Seoul. If you want to break away from the behemoth chain stores and support the little guy then you need to download Coffee Up. Coffee Up is an app designed to help small business compete against the might of corporations while still helping the consumer save a buck or two and discover all the hidey holes serving brilliant coffee all around Seoul.


The app is a simple prepaid coffee plan, choose between either a 5 cup plan for W18, 000, 15 cups for W51, 000, or caffeine junkies can take the cup-a-day plan that lasts for 30 days and cashes in at W87, 000. The plans take the price per cup of coffee down to 3600, 3400, and 2900 respectively – savings that any savvy coffee drinker will jump for joy over. There are also plans for those who don’t want any lactose getting in the way of their caffeine hit. Download an americano plan and get either 5 cups for W14000, or 15 for W39, 000.


Once users are signed up they can use the GPS on their phone to locate coffee shops nearby that are part of the service. Then it’s a simple as ordering, handing over your phone for the barista to type in a confirmation code and your off and away!


coffee up