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Where To Find K-Pop Dance Classes in Seoul

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10 Magazine previously introduced Hip-hop dance classes you could find in Seoul, however today, it’s Kpop dance time! Unleash your inner idol and go enjoy your free time with your favorite Kpop music. If you have been researching dance studios but do not know where to go, here are some of the K-pop dance classes in Seoul that you should visit.

Fun fact: Did you know that K-pop dance classes in Korean are called 방송댄스 bangsong dance?

List of K-pop Dance Classes in Seoul

LP Dance Multiplex | Gangnam-gu, Seoul

LP Dance is one of the biggest dance academies and is located in the heart of Gangnam. The classes they offer are hobby classes, professional classes, audition preparation classes, and instructor certification classes, etc. Each faculty member has more than 10 years of experience to give you the best learning experience. They can proudly present a list of former student’s names who got accepted into different famous entertainment companies like S.M Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, YG Entertainment, etc, too.

LP Dance K-pop dance courses fall into three different categories: Hobby Class, National Dance Certificate Class, and K-pop Dance & Experience Classes. In Hobby classes, regular lessons from beginner to advanced levels are provided from Monday through Sunday. The National Dance Certificate Class is an intensive program which designated specifically for foreigners who want to learn K-pop dance through a professional environment while receiving a certificate at the end. The K-pop Dance & Experience Classes are designed especially for exchange students or tourists.

LP Dance holds classes every day of the week. For detailed information on their classes and courses, please follow the link here.

For more information about LP Dance Multiplex, please check our directory page.

DEF Company | Gangnam-gu, Seoul

DEF Company dance school is operating high-quality performance classes from world renown performer’s choreographing. They believe that nobody is born to be a great dancer, and you can achieve it with practice. Like LP, the studio proudly presents its long lists of trainees who were accepted into entertainment companies such as S.M Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, YG Family, Pledis, etc. Not only do they have a dance school, but they also offer DEF Music Academy that offers vocal and instrumental lessons as well. Basically, the studio trains you to become a full package artist who can sing, dance, and play instruments.

Their K-pop dance classes include the Newest Kpop Basic, Girl Kpop and Idol Master Class.

In the Newest Kpop Basic class, you can master all the most recent Kpop songs. Girl Kpop is an all girl class! The studio claimed that in this class you will “learn K-pop dances filled with girlish charm”. Last but not least, the Idol Master Class teaches everything from K-pop, hip-hop, to popping.

Currently, there are three branches in Seoul. Gangnam, Yongdeungpo, and Nowon. For more information about DEF Company, please check our directory page.

Dance Joa | Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Dance Joa has two different branches in Seoul: Gangnam and Guro Digital Complex Station. They are also one of the few dance studios of Korea that has a branch located in L.A. Dance Joa was featured in the famous variety program called 한국은 처음이지 (“It’s Your First Time in Korea, Right?”), teaching foreigners in the program to dance to K-pop songs. They also participated in the International Cultural Experience Tours 2018/19.

Class fees are written on their website, and the cost typically varies depending on the class time, from 20,000 to 35,000. If you are interested in a private lesson, please contact the school for more information. Please refer to this link to see their timetable.

For more information about Dance Joa, please check our directory page.

The Center Dance Studio | Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul

The Center Dance studio is located near the famous Kyunghee University. Language barriers are not something to be worried about here, as the owner is Korean-American, and they currently have a foreign instructor. According to reviews, they have a very friendly environment, too!

Monthly class schedules are posted on their website, so make sure to check if their K-pop class schedule matches yours. Classes are paid for in the form of coupons, and you can get discounts based on how many coupons you buy at once. They also offer private and group K-pop classes at various price points.

For more information about The Center Dance Studio, please check our directory page.

Real Kpop Dance | Mapo-gu, Seoul

At Real Kpop Dance, real K-Pop back-up dancers lead the class. You will learn choreography step-by-step from the experts, and soon you will be dancing together like K-Pop stars. BBC, ESPN, KBS, Arirang TV, KTV, and many more global broadcast networks have highlighted the RKD class as a one-of-kind tourist attraction for K-pop fans. Instructions are given in English, and the studio promises that you will improve your skills within an hour and a half. At the end of the course, you will also receive the Real K-Pop Dance class certificate.

There are three programs for you to choose from : 1.5 Hours Experience, K-pop 1 Full Day Tour, and K-pop Camp. The 1.5 Hour Experience class is a group class for travelers where you can learn the focus point of 1 popular Kpop song. The K-Pop Full Day Tour is an extension of the first program that also takes you to visit entertainment companies such as YG Entertainment, SM Town, MBC World Visit, etc. The last tour, K-pop Camp, is a full package 3~7 day tour that includes airport pick-up, dance training, vocal training, styling, accommodation,  transportation, meals, and a Kpop tour.

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Seoul Global Cultural Center | Jung-gu, Seoul

Seoul Global Cultural Center was opened with the aim of deepening foreigners understanding of Korea’s traditional and contemporary culture, by holding classes like traditional craft making, folk painting, Korean cooking, and K-pop dance!

You can register to join their K-pop class and while meeting other foreigners who are interested in dance. They offer the K-pop dance class every Wednesday from 4 pm to 5:30 pm at the Seoul Global Cultural Center building. You can check their calendar and register here.

For more information about Seoul Global Cultral Center, please visit our directory page.