Where To Find Hiphop Dance Classes In Seoul

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Sleek studio spaces, bass beats of Biggie Smalls and BTS, and moves that make you want to quit your current life and enroll as pre-professional trainee. Here are the best hiphop dance studios of Seoul to take a class or stalk furiously on Youtube.

Def Dance School | Gangnam | Yeongdeungpo | Nowon

If you’ve ever visualized yourself on the idol stage or attempted a Youtube cover dance at home, this is the studio for you. Having worked with idol Jay Park and girl’s group 2PM, Def Dance School touts its self as Korea’s No. 1 training for future K-pop artists.

They offer intense trainee programs in dance, vocal training, modeling , and auditioning but also open classes for nonprofessional dancers. While their main branch is in Gangnam, they have two smaller training locations in Yeongdeungpo and Nowon.

Korean-pop class are undoubtedly the most popular, but urban hip-hop and girl’s hip-hop classes are also running on a daily basis at their Gangnam location. Tuition starts at KRW 100,000 for a weekly, one-month class, but individual class passes are available for 25,000W as well.

The front desk staff will assuredly speak English, but language level varies from instructor to instructor. Most Korean-pop instructors will have near-fluent speaking abilities as foreign student enroll in their K-pop College as well.


Gangnam studio :
( +82-2-562-2805 ) 25, Yeoksam-ro 65-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

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Yeongdeungpo studio :
( +82-2-852-4933 ) Annam B/D 2F 79, Yeongjung-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea

Nowon studio :
( +82-2-952-2805 ) 55, Sanggye-ro, Nowon-gu, Seoul, Korea

Phone: (02) 562-2805
Social: Facebook

Urban Play | Sillim

Urban Play Dance Academy houses Urban Play Dance Company and a number of decorated and dedicated choreographers. Popularized by their  Instagram page, their street-vibe decorated studios  and smooth ,yet hard-hitting choreographies attract dancers from all over the city.

The academy has a wide variety of styles offered in three dance halls including girlish hip hop, waacking locking, urban choreography, krump,  jazz funk , house, and hip-hop body training.  One class  will run you 30,000-40,000W depending on instruction, but there is a discounted price of 80,000~150,000W if you sign up for a month-long class.

The studio recommends waacking, girlish hip hop,urban choreography as their most popular styles as well as a willingness to immerse yourself in a Korean dance environment. English is not a language of instruction here as a majority of students and instructors are local, but visual and musical cues will have you hitting the choreography in no time.

Address: 4th and 5th floor,  Gwan-ak-gu Sillimdong 1576-3, Seoul Sillim station (Green line)
Phone: (02) 859-2428
Social: Facebook

Gorilla Dance | Jukjeon

Founded and based around street style dance, Gorilla Dance Academy is the home studio for Gorilla Dance Crew Korea. The crew is most known for their incredibly agile B-Boy members and sucesses in freestyle competition,  so B-boy, popping, and house style class have some of the best instructors around. Korean pop and urban choreography are also offered, so if you’re looking to expand your dance horizons outside while training in your specific style this is the place for you.

English is not a language of instruction here, but they have welcomed foreign dancers in the past. Taesung (the house instructor above) also guests at fellow crew member’s Negative Motion Studio for weekend classes.

Address: 2nd Floor Namjeon Building, Yeongido Yonginsi Sujigu Jukjeondong 1327-2
Phone: 031-897-3622
Social: Facebook

Negative Motion Dance | Wangsimni

Started several years ago by Gorillaz Dance Crew member Tae Youn Hwang, this little studio offers an impressive range of classes in B-boy,popping, free-style, girls hip hop, modern, house, choreography.

There are two different levels offered with level 1 being a warm up of the style’s basics and then choreography and level 2 beginning to work on free style and improvisation skills. The tuition fee here is divided by once a week, twice a week, or longer weekend classes. A single class pass is 25,000 for weekday session and 30,000 for a weekend, session. Discounts are offered for the monthly classes as well as signing up for multiple classes.

English levels will vary by instructor ,but  all teachers are incredibly friendly and willing to explain movements with action. Tae Youn is also fluent in English and is more than willing to translate if needed and talk about dance or travel in Seoul.

Address: 3rd floor 259 Wangsimni-ro Haengdang-dong Seongdong-gu ,Seoul
Phone: +(82) 10-8747-7748
Social: Facebook

The Center Dance Studio | Hoegiro

Although located outside of Central Seoul, this studio boasts some celebrity instructors including MJoon from Just Jerk Crew (2016 USA Body Rock Dance Competition Champions).  Their weekly classes include urban hiphop, Korean pop, choreography, girlish hiphop,  and waacking, and have no requirement for the student capacity… if you’re lucky you may end up with a private lesson!

Classes are purchased by a flexible coupon system starting at 25,000W for a one time class coupon or 300,000 for a 20-time coupon (15,000W per class). These coupons can be redeemed for any weekly class and do not expire.

English level varies depending on the instructor, but most of them have very good speaking abilities from traveling to teach and perform in Europe and the U.S.


Address: 3rd Floor  (301) 44 Hoegiro 21gil, Dongdaemungu, Seoul, South Korea 130-872
Phone: (02) 957-2199
Social: Facebook

1Million | Gangnam

A megalith in the Korean dance world, this studio is easily the most recognized brand in Korean hip hop style dance. With past contracts with JYP, SM, YG entertainment and a Youtube following in the millions, the talent and passion surging through this place is off the charts.

They offer choreography classes according to the instructor’s individual styles, so check out a few of their HD Youtube videos to decide which to classes to take beforehand. The studio is also a touchstone for major international choreographers including Wildabeast Adams and Kaelyn “KK” Harris this past year.

While visiting choreographer’s set their own class rates, a one-time class pass generally costs 30,000W . If you’re serious in your training you could jump for a 350,000W unlimited class card. Discounts are available as you purchase greater amounts of classes.

Don’t be intimidated by this studio’s professional reputation, beginning level classes are offered and the instructors hold the motto of “dance is for everyone” very seriously.

Address: 273-4 Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, 서울특별시
Phone: (02)512-6756
Social: Facebook

Soul Dance | Sadang

Another Youtube-famous dance studio, Soul Dance Seoul is home to choreographers Girin Jang and Haeni Kim as well as the newly formed girl’s group  “Team Cupcakes”. Similar to 1Million, their classes are divided by their individual teacher’s styles. After viewing a few of their different Youtube videos, you may have a pretty difficult time narrowing down which movements to learn.

There are two studio rooms here, each with a capacity of 20-30 students. Classes are generally signed up for on a monthly basis with 90,000W set fee for one once-a-week class with the choreographer of your choice.

Address: 2nd floor, Sadangro 30gil 164 Dongjakgu (Sadang Station ,Exit 8-1)
Phone: (02) 523-1933
Social: Facebook