Weekly Clubbing Pick: DJ Premier at Cakeshop July 17, 2014

Clubbing Pick: DJ Premier @ Cakeshop 7.17.2014

DJ Premier

**Event is tonight, Thursday July, 17, 2014**

In 2010 I got an invitation to see a DJ I had always loved, but never had the chance to see. It was a bit strange because my desire to see the DJ stemmed not from him, but from the MC he had been partnered with for most of his career in the group Gang Starr. It was a bittersweet pleasure to finally see DJ Premier because a few months before his arrival in Seoul, his former MC and friend Guru had died after a long battle with cancer. It was a very cool performance, and in a big way Premier dedicated the vast majority of his show to his friend’s memory with Gang Starr and Guru staples, along with tracks from other NYC MCs who had met untimely deaths. He showed talent, taste, and class in his track selection and frequent addresses to the crowd, and was one of the most powerful hip hop DJ performances I’ve seen. This Thursday, DEADEND

 is bringing Premier back for another round. With some of Seoul’s best trap/hip hop/house DJs (SMOOD, YTST, KINGMCK, SOMAL) and MC MAKE-1 setting the stage for a man Rolling Stone identified as “arguably the best hip hop producer of all time” Cakeshop should be more than characteristically busy tonight. Cakeshop is located at the end of the Itaewon strip (Noksapyeong end) just past McDonalds. For information and reservations, call 010-4765-6139.

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