Three Women Killed in a Cement Mixer Accident

Three women were killed in a speeding accident yesterday in Seosan (Oct 14th, about 9 am).

(Source: LiveLeak)

A large cement mixer, while trying to avoid hitting a nearby motorbike, flipped – crashing and killing the three passengers in the car on its left.

The passengers in the car were three women in their late 40s and 50s. Yonhap News revealed that they were all regular attendees of the same cathedral, known by their acquaintances for their efforts in charity. They helped out in a senior citizens home every week, and were on their way to a pilgrimage on the day of the accident.

Following the initial crash, the three vehicles behind also collided.
A total of four people in the cement mixer, including the driver, are currently getting treated in a nearby hospital in Seosan.