Crackdown on Taxi Drivers Who Refuse Passengers


Taxi drivers in Seoul who refuse to take passengers will soon face heavy fines and even run the risk of losing their taxi license. In an attempt to improve Seoul’s transport system, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced earlier this morning that as of January 29, taxi drivers who refuse to take passengers will cop a W200, 000 fine for their first offense, with penalties then escalating to a W400, 000 fine and a 30 day license suspension for a second offense. Should drivers reoffend three times in the space of 2 years, they will face having their license cancelled and a hefty W600, 000 fine. The announcement didn’t just apply to individual drivers but also taxi companies — any that are found to be repeat offenders when it comes to leaving potential passengers in the lurch will face losing their business license.  

If a taxi driver refuses to collect passengers, complaints can be made through the Dasan Call Center by calling 120 and pressing 9 for foreign language service.