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Korean Government Wants People Eating More Insects

Government Looking to Insects as Future Food

Shot courtesy of Agribio Expo

Shot courtesy of EPIS

A government-hosted event saw a culinary cooking contest featuring bugs as the special ingredient. This is part of a movement in which the government aims to engender rapid growth in the insect industry over the course of several years. This plan includes research publications on the nutritional benefits of insects as well as supporting farms that can raise potential candidate species. According to the Food and Agriculture Association, the hope is that adding bugs into people’s diets could help ease the strain on the meat and fish industry which faces exponentially increasing production demands. Despite the potential benefits to both health and the food market, the main obstacle that the insect industry faces is the public perception of insects as a desirable daily food. Only time will tell if these bugs can manage to crawl their way onto people’s plates in place of meats and fish in the coming years.

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