JEOLLA Discovery: Dog Cafes in Jeonnam


Words and shots by Barun Sarkar

Until relatively recently, larger dogs have been raised as meat or used as for guarding places– so for some Koreans, any dog bigger than a possum can trigger reactions ranging from discomfort to terror.  But for those among us who see dogs as big furry pals, there are some great places in Jeolla to bring your pooch.

“Gae pyeon-han sae-sang” (개 편한 세상) is a new dog café/doggie hotel in Gunsan, North Jeolla Province. Young entrepreneur Doo-Soo Jang was a Seoul resident until he realized this province was in need of a place for dogs and their owners to spend time together. More than half of his canine residents are adopted street dogs. The café boasts a vast rooftop and patio area that is perfect for warm weather. Dog washing, supplies and refreshments are all offered for reasonable prices.

Jeonju is the home of an increasingly popular dog park, located above and away from the busy road in the suburb-like Hyojadong 3-ga area. Friendly local dog owners frequent the park on afternoons and weekends with canines ranging from shirt pocket-sized Yorkshire Terriers to massive Great Pyrenees, all running free to socialize.

Gwangju May 18th Memorial Park (5.18 기념공원) is very reminiscent of the large, sprawling parks of North America. Large expanses of grassy fields make it perfect to set up an impromptu picnic with the bonus of having little doggies running around for weekend socials.

Jangmi Building 4th floor, Gyeongjang-dong 466-01, Gunsan-si, Jeonbuk, South Korea.

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