Hair and Joy in Hongdae


Whether you’re new to Seoul or a long-term resident, we all know that feeling of going to a a hair salon, and not being able to communicate with your stylist.  But, to break that barrier down,

look no further than Hair & Joy, located right behind the UniQlo at Hongdae subway station, right above 커피와 사람들 (Coffee & People).  With great prices and an English-speaking staff, Hair & Joy in Hongdae has lots of experience catering to foreigners in Seoul.  All the staff has extensive training both in Korea and London, and with their English expertise, you’ll never have to worry again about your hair stylist misunderstanding you or your requests! Stop by in Hongdae the next time you’re in Seoul, or call to set up an appointment!

Visit their website (also entirely in English) for more information.

Mapo-gu Donggyo-dong 168-3, 02-363-4253