6 Reasons To Visit the Gyeongpo Beach Beer Festival This Weekend

gyeongpo beach beer festival gangneung south korea
Graphic by 10 Magazine

The Gyeongpo Beach Beer Festival is happening this weekend from Friday, July 12th to Sunday, July 14th. The first of its kind, this festival will introduce you to several Korean craft beer breweries and is dedicated to saving the environment by using PLA cups that will harmlessly dissolve into the environment once broken down. You can check out more details at the 10 Directory, or at the Facebook event link here.

Below we list 6 reasons you must spend this weekend at Gyeongpo Beach Beer Festival. 

gyeongpo beach beer festival
Graphic by 10 Magazine. Note: Due to unforeseen circumstances, The Satellite Brewing Co. will not be participating.

16 Korean Craft Beer Breweries Participating 

The festival is featuring 16 different Korean craft beer breweries originating from various regions in South Korea. The craft beer industry in South Korea is relatively new, which means that you will encounter refreshing takes on different styles of beer. Try Korean-style beer made from rice, chrysanthemum, pine, sweet flag, and more from Gangneung’s Budnamu Brewery, grapefruit pale ale from Daejeon’s The Ranch Brewing Company, Yuza beer from Ulsan’s Whasoo Brewery, and many more innovative flavors from the 16 participating craft beer breweries.

Spend Time at Gyeongpo Beach Enjoying Beer 

The heat was almost unbearable last weekend, with many of us receiving heatwave warnings through our phones and other media devices. For this weekend, why not escape from the sizzling concrete to Gyeongpo Beach? Located in Gangneung, Gangwon-do, there are many pine trees planted along this beach, providing cool shade from the hot sun. With trees and wind from the coast, this is the perfect refuge from the hectic inland nature can provide. 

Music on the Beach – Busking and DJ party 

What can be better than listening and grooving to some music while tasting all kinds of beer and eating some delicious food near the beach? Listen to some busking performances from people who love to perform music on Friday and Saturday. The Gyeongpo Beach Beer Festival also shakes it up by having organized a DJ Party scheduled after 6PM, Friday and Saturday. The DJ stand is set up near the shoreline, where you can splash around in cool waters while holding a cup of beer in your hand! 

Frisbee Golf (yes!) Beer Yoga (YES!)

Ever heard of frisbee golf, or beer yoga? The Gyeongpo Beach Beer Festival is bringing one-of-a-kind activities so that participants can enjoy the weekend with more than just drinking beer and listening to music. Similar to the traditional game of golf, score points with frisbee golf by successfully aiming a frisbee disk at the designated target. Your performance will be graded from how many throws got you to your goal. Beer yoga is exactly what it sounds, combining beer and yoga. Beer yoga has recently gained much popularity, and the beach is the perfect setting to relax and try it out.

gyeongpo beach beer festival
Poster by Gyeongpo Beach Beer Festival

Try Out Chaekmaek ‘Book and Beer’ (책맥) 

The Gyeongpo Beach Beer Festival is bringing you yet another unique activity – chaekmaek (책맥). Many of us may be familiar with chimaek (치맥), which is a popular combination of eating chicken and beer (맥주). Chaek (책) means book in Korean, which means that this chaekmaek activity is “book and beer,” encouraging you to enjoy reading books while drinking beer. 

The Healing Zone is a designated zone of the festival with a concentrated area of pine trees. It is for those who want to experience a relaxing environment, providing the perfect place to read and drink.  

And Best of All, “Almost Plastic Free”

For those of you who have attended any kind of food or drinking festival, the venue is usually filled with plastic waste from the plastic cups that are commonly given out. In order to protect the beautiful beaches, seas, and pine groves, the Gyeongpo Beach Beer Festival is committed to organizing this event’s concept as “Almost Plastic Free.” 

For the duration of the festival, the organizers have decided to use PLA cups. PLA stands for Poly Lactic Acid, which is a plastic substitute made of corn starch and breaks itself down within 6 months to one year without leaving substances that are harmful to the environment. All participating breweries are committed to using the PLA cups. 

In addition, BYOB (bring your own bottle/tumbler) if you can! For any tumbler that holds less than 500ml, the breweries will fill your container with the purchase of their beer. The PLA cups that are provided at the festival are 340 ml. 

The event is open to everyone even without tickets, but the early-bird ticket will provide you a package of 4 glasses of beer and a small souvenir for just 19,000 won. Buy your early-bird ticket here.

With everything from 17 craft beer breweries from all over the country, music, chaekmaek, frisbee golf, to its commitment to a plastic-free environment, the Gyeongpo Beach Beer Festival is guaranteed to present to you a memorable night at the beach. Sit down, drink some beer, and spend your summer weekend at the Gyeongpo Beach Beer Festival!