Gyeongpo Beach Beer Festival

Gyeongpo Beach Beer Festival, a place for drinking beer, having fun and drinking more beer. Located in Gyeongpo Beach, in between the pine trees and the beach, you can enjoy this festival where there’ll be more than 18 craft beer breweries participating as well as food trucks, busking and a DJ party (after 6p.m. in Friday and Saturday), different activities (gun water game, frisbee, golf…), 책맥 (book and beer) and much more. The best thing of all, it is almost plastic free thanks to the PLA cups they are going to be using which are made of Poly Lactic Acid, a corn starch and plastic substitute that breaks itself down within 6 months to one year and leaves no harmful substances. So you will be having the time of your life while protecting the environment, what else could you ask for?


July 12th ~ July 24th, 2019

How to Get There

Location: Gyeongpo BeachAddress:산1 Anhyeon-dong, Gangneung, Gangwon-do
  • Directions 1 (KTX): take the train from Seoul Station to Gangleung-Yeog, from there take bus No. 313 to 경포해변 (Gyeongpo Beach).
  • Directions 2 (Express/Intercity bus): take a bus from Seoul Express Bus Terminal to Gangneung.
  • Directions 3 (bus): from Gangneung Intercity Bus Terminal, take bus No. 202 to Gyeongpodae Beach bus stop.