Film is Not Dead: Introducing FilmLog

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South Korea is an impressive country when it comes to aesthetics. From cafes and markets to natural sites, there are so many breathtaking places to be captured. You can take pictures on your phone or digital camera or you can record the beauty of Korea with a film camera. Nowadays the domain of the most passionate photographer, a new Korean startup has made its mission to bring the pleasures of film photography to the masses – again. Introducing FilmLog.

This creative operation has distributed vending machines in select locations around Korea to distribute both reusable and disposable film cameras as well as the appropriate film for very reasonable prices. They have a physical store in Seoul and currently also have vending machines in Seoul, Suncheon, Jeju-do and Gyeongju. Choose from disposable cameras loaded with black and white, color or underwater film. The prices of the cameras range from ₩15,500 to ₩38,000. You do not have to buy the cameras and the film separately. However, if you would like just the film, the prices range from ₩6,500 to ₩24,500 depending on color, quality and quantity.

How to Print Photos Through Filmlog in Korea

The wonderful thing about Filmlog is that they encourage the reuse of cameras to keep the film culture in Korea environmentally friendly. Once you have filled up the roll of film, you can send it to FilmLog via post or take it to the lab in Seoul. If you send it via post, they will contact you to ask what kind of quality you would like to develop your images in to determine the cost of the development. And if you send the camera back in its plastic casing, you will receive a complimentary gift for being eco friendly.

Once you decide how you want your pictures to be developed, they will ask you to create an account on Filmlog so that you may easily access your photographs digitally once they are ready. You can also ask  them to keep an envelope in the lab in Seoul with your negatives. So, create an account on their website before you do anything else. It will also allow you to conveniently buy cameras and film online.

It usually takes 1-3 working days for your film to be developed – and it is really worth the wait. It is always exciting seeing how the photographs have turned out! 

Photo by Sesetu Holomisa

In addition to all the services mentioned, FilmLog also hosts workshops on how to work on your photography skills and the art of developing images. FilmLog is a great initiative created by friendly professionals in the industry that offer exceptional customer service. It is truly a dream come true for film lovers or those wishing to get into film photography. Check out their instagram here.

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