Filmlog | Jung-gu, Seoul

Filmlog | Jung-gu, Seoul

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Filmlog – Film in Korea

Filmlog is a photography shop with a branch in Seoul and across Korea specializing in film photography and development. Quietly tucked away in a building near Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Filmlog feels like a treasure to find in the huge metropolis of Seoul. To all film photography lovers, your prayers have been answered, welcome to your new favorite film store! For anyone interested in learning film photography, welcome to your safe haven.

Filmlog’s is unique in selling disposable, point-and-shoot film cameras and then recycling used, disposable film cameras for reuse in their shops and film camera vending machines.

Filmlog in Seoul and Jeju Island

At Filmlog’s brick-and-mortar shop in Seoul, you can find a wide array of disposable film cameras, different types and sizes of film rolls, a small selection of professional film cameras, and photos taken using some of their disposable film cameras. Here, you can choose to purchase a disposable film camera from the aesthetic vending machine outside the shop, or have extra guidance on which disposable camera to purchase with help from one of the friendly staff members inside the shop.

If you can’t speak Korean don’t worry, Filmlog’s staff are English speaking and ready to help you when you need it! With an increase in their popularity, Filmlog has also recently opened a new brick-and-mortar store in Jeju Island with its own vending machine. This store gives film lovers traveling to Jeju an easier way to have their film developed and purchase disposable camera necessities.

Filmlog Vending Machines

If you don’t live in Seoul don’t worry, Filmlog has a few vending machines and film drop-off points spread outside of Seoul. Filmlog’s original four vending machines are located in Seoul (Filmlog store), Jeju Island, Gyeongju, and Suncheon. Since their vending machines have received so much popularity, they have added more in Mangwon-dong, Jeju Island (third location), Gunsan, Wonju, Chungju, and Suwon.

Filmlog has also begun a new project to make disposable camera vending machines with other brands. New vending machines have begun appearing in different parts of Seoul and we can expect more to also appear soon. The new vending machines are currently located in Hongdae in collaboration with the entertainment company Magic Strawberry Sound, and Itaewon with David’s Selfie.

Developing Film

If you have finished a roll of film using your disposable camera from Filmlog, or if you are just looking for a place to have your film rolls developed, you are invited to drop off your used cameras and film inside the shop. Filmlog will then notify you once your photos have been developed and you will have access to scanned versions of your photos for download online. You also have the option to order printed versions of your photos.

Not living in Seoul? You are also able to drop off your disposable camera for development at Filmlog’s vending machines around the country or send in your film by mail. If you return your disposable camera to Filmlog’s store in Seoul, you will be rewarded with a small gift!

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