8 Fashion Trends You’ll See This Spring in Korea

spring in korea
Image by Amanda Frank on unsplash
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With cherry blossom season slowly approaching, it is time to get your hands on some of the hottest IT items this spring in Korea. Spring fashion trends in Korea are all about making a statement and this year is no exception. So, don’t be afraid to take risks and clash different prints, patterns and accessories merrily together. If you’re ready, we have listed below, some of the hottest fashion trends you’ll see this spring in Korea.

1. Floral Dress

spring in Korea
Image by Kooding

The highlight of spring in Korea is graced by beautiful floral dresses to match the blooming flowers. From bright to neutral and dark floral dresses, there is enough varieties to fit the spring vibe. Floral dresses are available in almost every clothing store at this time of the year, so, the next time you enter a clothing store to shop for spring, don’t forget to grab yourself one to join the trend.

2. Polka Dot

Image by Kooding

This timeless print never goes out of style and is still going strong. Seen by bloggers/influencers, these dotted dresses add that extra pop to your spring wardrobe. So if you fancy a fun spring trend to try, definitely pick up a polka dot dress, shirt or skirt.

3. Knitwear

Knit sweaters and vests have been on the fashion radar for months. As the temperature is slowly starting to rise, spring is the perfect season to sport some knit looks. From dreamy vacation getaway knit dresses to everyday wearable knit vests, Tis the season for resort wear.

4. Mini Bags/Purses

It’s the year 2021 and purses are no longer cool if they are utilitarian. During spring in Korea, many mini and micro-sized bags have made their appearances. Some of them so small just enough to hold one lipstick. Who needs a functional bag when it’s that cute and accentuates the outfit, am I right?

5. Hair Clips

In the cynical world of fashion, it’s no surprise that one day they are in, and the next they are out. As of right now, brought to you by appearances on Instagram, embellished hair clips- the ones we all had as little girls- are in again.

These statement hair accessories have made their way into spring fashion, from cutesy pearl hair clips to edgy crystallized pins. These childhood favorites are the perfect for your hair if you ever want a little extra sparkle to your outfit.

6. Suit Coat/ Blazers

Not a risk taker and looking for an easier way to energize your wardrobe? Dress in plain or plaid colored suit jacket/ blazer for that extra bit of joy. Perfect for any occasion, whether it be going to work or date nights, one can never go wrong with a monochrome outfit during spring in Korea.

7. Denim / Leather Jackets

Just when you thought denim and leather jackets were left in fall, it’s suddenly making its comeback this spring. As the weather gets warmer, it’s time to replace the long paddings with chic leather or denim jacket. So, lighten off the load from winter and say hello to spring!

8. Bucket Hats

Image by Yesstyle

It’s no surprises that Spring weather is unpredictable. Thanks to this bucket hat trend, we can all look edgy this spring whilst being weather proof. Rain or Shine and even on those bad hair days, this fisherman styled hat has got you covered.

If you found this article helpful, leave a comment of your favorite spring fashion trend below! You can also check out our article on ‘English Websites For Online Shopping in Korea‘ to find online stores to buy your favorite fashion items.