High-End Smart Camera Competition For Samsung and LG

Update: This article originally reflected that the “Light” was also a phone, but it appears that there is no phone capability in the device as of yet. The article has been edited.

Samsung and LG Still Lead

Samsung and LG are still leaders in the cell phone industry, with Samsung battling it out with Apple for #1 in phone sales and LG behind but not too far. Samsung makes 4 of the 10 best selling cell phones going right now.

Lately there’s been a lot of worry about where things are headed with Samsung’s sales falling to the point where they are laying off 10% of their staff. The danger up to this point, however, has come from the bottom up, as upstart cell phone manufactures from China have quickly started to grow their market share with cheaper smart phones that still deliver on many features. Lacking the Apple ecosystem that keeps people from switching, the Chinese devices Huawei, Lenovo, Xiaomi and almost a dozen others can put out Android devices with most of the same features of the big boys.

Camera “Light” Competes in the Elite Camera Market


Along comes a new Android device just released last Thursday in the United States. Although it doesn’t have phone capability as of yet, a “Light” camera could add it at some point. With 16 different cameras on a single device, the Light Android-powered device will allow you to do most everything your camera/phone does, including uploading to social media in real time.

Have a look at this video explaining how the camera, which will retail for US$1,299, will replace over US$6,000 in camera gear. Perhaps they are looking for a licensing agreement for the technology from the likes of Samsung or LG? The first mover could get some serious advantage if the patents are strong enough to prevent others from doing the same with their phones.


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Posted by Robert Scoble on Wednesday, October 7, 2015