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5 Best Places To Stay In Seoul By Locals

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If you’re planning a trip to Seoul, South Korea, but are still wondering what are the best districts and places to book your accommodation, this article is for you! Whether you’re looking for a guesthouse, hostel, Hanok house, hotel or luxury stay, discover the characteristics of each popular district below.

Best Place #1 – Hongdae (Mapo-gu, Seoul)

Hongdae is probably one of the most known areas in Seoul, just after Gangnam. If you’re aged between 15 and 25, you will most certainly love this place, especially if you’re into street fashion, K-pop and dance. Hongdae is known as the district that never sleeps, thanks to its young population of students. It is the home to many buskers, nightclubs and “Pochas” (Korean-style bars). So if you wanna have fun, meet new people and go out throughout the night, Hongdae is the place to be.

Twins Guesthouse | Guesthouse / Hostel

twins guesthouse best places hotels seoul hongdae

The Ore | Hotel

best places hotels seoul the ore hongdae

L7 Hongdae | Luxury Hotel

best places hotels seoul L7 hongdae

Best Place #2 – Gangnam (Gangnam-gu, Seoul)

Your friends or parents might not know the difference between North and South Korea, but they most definitely know about Gangnam! That’s how famous the district became after the song Gangnam Style by PSY went viral around the world. Gangnam is the financial and wealthiest district of Seoul and its main streets are all skyscrapers, luxury stores, hotels, offices, famous nightclubs, plastic surgery clinics and wedding venues. It is home to a good part of the actors and singers in Korea. This district will be best fitted to persons who like luxury, those coming for beauty treatments and/or for a convention at COEX Convention Center.

K-Grand Hostel | Hostel / Guesthouse

best places hotels seoul k-grand hostel guesthouse

Hotel Capppuccino | Hotel

best places hotels seoul hotel cappuccino

Le Meridien | Luxury Hotel

best places hotels seoul le meridien gangnam

Best Place #3 – Konkuk University (Gwangjin-gu, Seoul)

Konkuk University is a lesser known area of the city to travelers. It has the same vibe as Hongdae, with packs of people walking the streets at night, but just a little less crowded. The Konkuk University area is all neon streets, restaurants, bars, street food, karaoke, and all you could look for if you want to spend a fun night out!

Konkuk is only a 20-minute subway ride from the main attractions in Seoul (downtown Seoul and Gangnam) and is also close to Ttukseom Han River Park. It is a good choice for younger travelers and people who have visited the bigger places before.


best places hotels seoul airbnb

H Avenue Hotel Kondae Seongsu | Hotel

best places hotels seoul h avenue hotel kondae seongsu swimming pool

The classic 500 | Luxury Hotel

best places hotels seoul the classic 500

Best Place #4 – Gwanghwamun (Jongno-gu, Seoul)

Jongno is a huge district North of the river and is home to almost all downtown Seoul. It also incorporates Insadong (see below). All the main attraction in Seoul are located in this district: Gyeongbokgung et Changdeokgung Palaces, Cheongyecheon, Insadong, Myeongdong, Bukchon Hanok Village, Jogyesa, Dongdaemun, etc. Namsan Park and Namsan tower are close by public transportation. This district is reputed to have the most expensive real estate in Seoul. Apart from that, it’s a nice place to stroll, it is lively and it’s one of the best places to stay if you’re looking for convenience.

BINGO Hostel | Guesthouse / Hostel

best places hotels seoul bingo hostel guesthouse

Ibis Ambassador Seoul | Hotel

best places hotels seoul ibis ambassador

Four Season Hotel Seoul | Luxury Hotel

best places hotels seoul four season

Best Place #5 – Insadong (Jongno-gu, Seoul)

Insadong is a perfect place if you want to discover the historical part of Seoul and shop for traditional items and souvenirs. It is near to all the main attractions in Seoul, such as the palaces, Bukchon Hanok village, Ikseon-dong, Cheonggyechon, etc. This is also a good alternative to Myeongdong since you won’t have to face the crowds walking the streets every day, and you can easily go there by foot within 10 minutes.

If you’re a traveler coming for the beauties of Korean culture and history, Insadong will be an excellent pick for you!

Woo Guesthouse | Guesthouse / Hostel

best places hotels seoul woo guesthouse

Rakkojae (락고재) | Hanok hotel

rakkojae seoul hotel

Center Mark | Hotel

center mark best places hotels seoul

Orakai Insadong Suites | Luxury Hotel

orakai insadong suites best places hotels seoul

If you still haven’t found a place that catches your eye after scrolling through this article, check our Directory to see more accommodations available in Seoul and all South Korea.

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