Banobagi Plastic Surgery Hospital: Experts With An Eye For Detail

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Banobagi Plastic Surgery Hospital operates on the promise of providing staff and services of the utmost ‘detailist’ caliber. With a reputation for outstanding surgery techniques, Banobagi offers a variety of plastic surgery procedures with state-of-the-art equipment that ensures the highest standards of care for each one of their patients.

The staff is multilingual, and the hospital provides consultation services and procedures in Korean, English, Mandarin, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Russian, and Mongolian. As a result, Banobagi has a high volume of overseas patients, who often come back to the hospital for second and third procedures.

Through intensive consultations, the experts at Banobagi aim to create the best possible result for you. Taking into account your wishes as well as your facial structure, Banobagi’s surgeons create a natural outcome through an effective and minimally invasive surgery.

One of Banobagi’s highest priorities is and always will be the comfort and safety of their patients. The hospital constantly invests in their facilities to provide the safest surgical conditions and treatments. The experts at Banobagi, composed of surgeons from Seoul National University, continuously study and research about up-to-date technology and the most current practices and skills in order to best serve their patients.

Here Are The Procedures That Banobagi Specializes In:

Facial Contouring

banobagiFacial contouring alters the shape of the bones in your face. Through shaving, cutting and reducing fat mass, you can change your face to a shape you prefer. Banobagi precisely analyzes your face to create a procedure that is specifically tailored to your wishes and your facial composition.

Body Liposuction

Over the years, Banobagi has specialized itself in the area of liposuction. Using cutting-edge techniques, fat is removed from your body in a safe and effective way.


Whether you want your breasts augmented or reduced, the experts at Banobagi can recommend and execute the ideal procedure for you. Through detailed consultations, doctors will design your ideal breast-shape. The procedure also includes intensive postoperative measures to reduce scarring and speed up the healing process.


Banobagi believes that harmony is most important in a face. Therefore, its surgeons take into account your specific facial measures and facial features, to create the perfect nose for you.


Banobagi pursues three goals: a natural eye shape, no vision impairments and results that match the patient’s wishes. The experts perform non-incisional eye procedures, which are effective and minimally invasive.


Wrinkles and fine lines stem from muscle usage. Therefore, to combat signs of aging, Banobagi looks at the specific movement of those muscles before smoothing the lines. This enables the experts to create a natural, younger-looking appearance.


Injecting stem cells in your skin can combat signs of aging, reduce redness of scars, and improve skin elasticity. With innovative technology, Banobagi offers natural and effective procedures.

Revision Surgery

If you are unsatisfied with a previous surgical procedure, Banobagi can help you out. The experts understand that all dissatisfactions are different, and through consultations, they will develop a procedure that best serves your wishes.

For More Information:

Banobagi’s surgeons are highly experienced in their respective fields and aim to provide an all-inclusive experience for their patients that covers everything from the first consultation to post-operative care. If you’re interested in any of the above procedures, or just want some more information, here are several ways to contact Banobagi:

Whatsapp: +82. 10. 2216. 6508
Call: +82. 2. 522. 6636
Address: 517, Nonhyeon-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea