Apps on Summer Vacation

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If you need something to entertain you while traveling to the beach, or looking to catch up with some summer reading, here are five apps that will make your phone or tablet stay cool during the hot summer.

1. Camping Road Map

This is the only app you will need if you are going camping in Korea this summer. With information about the most popular (and some less popular) camping spots in Korea. Information includes campground contact information, maps and nightly site fees. “Camping Road Map” will also put you in touch with camping supply stores both online and off, as well as offer hints and tips on what to take and pack for your weekend under canvas.

(free from the Google Play Store | Korean language)

2. Summer Weather

Planning that camping trip but not sure what the weather is going to do? Most stock weather apps in iOS and Android will give you a general idea of what the weather is like wherever you are in Korea. Kweather will give you updated weather information based on your location in Korea and comes with some very pretty home screen widgets and information in your notification bar.

(free from the Google Play Store | Korean & English)

3. Capturing Those Summertime Moments

If you are saving space and not packing the DSLR or even the point and shoot – mobile phones and tablets have cameras good enough to capture those spontaneous moments at the beach. Pudding Camera is still a top app that allows you to use nine different camera modes (fisheye, panorama, etc.) and eight different “film types” (think Instagram filters), for some stunning, quirky and fun pictures of your summer vacation.

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(Free from the Google Play Store and iTunes | Korean & English)

4. SkyScanner

Planning to fly somewhere exotic this vacation, but haven’t booked ahead and are worried at the enormously expensive airfares? SkyScanner will aggregate fares from just about all the airlines that fly to or from your point of origin and destination and rank them by price. Not super excited about starting your vacation at 4 am on a Wednesday morning? Fear not! Skyscanner will also let you search for airfares by time of departure, and thankfully arrival which means you won’t be arriving in Bangkok at 3 am either!

(Free from the Google Play Store an iTunes | Korean & English)

5. Feedly

This really is the best RSS, feed reading and collecting app since the demise of Google Reader at the beginning of the year. Like many feed aggregators for your phone or tablet, just enter in a URL or search by topic to have your own curated section of content fed straight to your device. Catch up on the news while sipping drinks with little umbrellas on the beach.

(Free from the Google Play Store and iTunes)