Apps on Summer Vacation

If you need something to entertain you while traveling to the beach or looking to catch up with some summer reading, here are five apps that will make your phone or tablet stay cool during the hot summer.

1. Airbnb

This is the app you will need if you are planning a trip in Korea this summer. It is full of amazing amd unique places to stay on your next adventure. In addition to this they offer a range of experience to make your summer more unique. The app is perfect to plan your next adventure.

(free from the Google Play Store and App Store | Korean & English)

2. Summer Weather

Planning that camping trip but not sure what the weather is going to do? Most stock weather apps in iOS and Android will give you a general idea of what the weather is like wherever you are in Korea. Kweather will give you updated weather information based on your location in Korea and comes with some very pretty home screen widgets and information in your notification bar.

(free from the Google Play Store | Korean & English)


It is important to be able to move from one place to the other. Therefor this app will come in handy. KORAILTALK is the app to book your train tickets. The app is easily usable in English and Korean. You are able to see time sceduales and book your train ticket in advance on the app. This will make it easy go on adventures all over Korea.

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(Free from the Google Play Store and App Store | Korean & English)

4. SkyScanner

Summer skyscanner

Planning to fly somewhere exotic this vacation, but haven’t booked ahead and are worried about the enormously expensive airfares? Skyscanner will aggregate fares from just about all the airlines that fly to or from your point of origin and destination and rank them by price. Not super excited about starting your vacation at 4 am on a Wednesday morning? Fear not! Skyscanner will also let you search for airfares by the time of departure, and thankfully arrival which means you won’t be arriving in Bangkok at 3 am either!

(Free from the Google Play Store and App Store | Korean & English)

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