7 Insta-Worthy Cafes In Daegu You Need to Visit Right Now


Korea is famous for its kimchi, kpop stars, and instagram-worthy cafes. While there are many famous cafes found in the capital, Seoul, there are at least 7 cafes worthy of your Instagram feed waiting for you in Daegu. If you’re new to the country, Daegu is the fourth-largest city in the country and home to all your Instagram cafe dreams. 

1. 프라방-Plbg | Jung-gu, Daegu 

This place, although a bit bizarre, is a photo-lovers paradise. Take line 1 to Jungangno station and walk North. This cafe features a pastel and marble interior full of one of a kind sculptures and art. If you’re looking for a little fresh air, you can head up to the roof where you will find a giant ball pit and a Christmas tree sporting donuts. Choose any of the delicious coffee-based drinks and snap some pictures with the decor of your choice.

2. Ochaya Mitte | Jung-gu, Daegu 

If you’re not much of a coffee drinker, but still need your caffeine fix, head over to Ochaya Mitte. This cafe located in the heart of downtown Daegu specializes in matcha green tea. The baristas at Ochaya Mitte hand mix the matcha powder to get the optimal green tea flavor. You can choose to have your matcha straight or mixed with milk for a delicious matcha latte.

3. 60 Mansion | Dong-gu, Daegu

If you’re more into the minimal look, Cafe 60 Mansion is where you want to head first. This cafe is full of mid-century furniture and offers beautifully crafted lattes. If you want to access this cafe, you’ll have to head North on line 1 and get off at Chilseong Market. When you arrive, grab yourself a drink and enjoy a slice of tiramisu cake.

4. Percent 14_3 | Jung-gu, Daegu 

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If you’re looking for a more traditional coffee shop, this is the place for you. Percent 14-3 is an old building converted into a quaint cafe located near Jungangno station. As you walk in, you’ll see a plethora of art and nick nacks covering the walls. There are plenty of nooks and seating areas perfect for meeting friends or sharing a dessert with a date.

5. Daily Oasis | Jung-gu, Daegu

If you’re a cactus lover, you’ll agree that this cafe carries some of the cutest drinks you’ve ever seen. Daily Oasis’ cactus-themed drink features matcha, so you better be a green tea lover if you’re interested in trying it. If you’re more of a coffee person, Daily Oasis serve both americanos and cafe lattes. ere, you can sip your drink surrounded by plants and real cacti. If you want to check out this cafe, the closest subway stop is Kyungbook University Hospital.

6. Slow Life | Suseong-gu, Daegu


This cafe is perfect for anyone who wants to do some work in a location with beautiful interior design. This multi-story cafe near Beomeo station features multiple rooms with live plants littered throughout the space. The decor is quaint without verging into tacky territory and the rooms have amazing lighting, perfect for your Instagram shot. They also serve the best piece of carrot cake in the city, so be sure to grab a slice.

7. Golmok 23 | Jung-gu, Daegu

This cafe was made for everyone out there with a massive sweet tooth. It’s the perfect cafe to enjoy during the warmer months, thanks to all the outdoor seating. They serve all types of coffee and tea drinks (including a London Fog— an earl grey latte) to pair with one of their scrumptious desserts. The strawberry cake is a personal favorite! You can find this cafe near Banwoldang station.


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