7 Insta-worthy Cafes in Jeonju You Need To Visit Right Now

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Jeonju, a city just three hours away from Seoul by train, is known mainly for two things: its traditional Hanok Heritage Village and its moniker as “the birthplace of Bibimbap.” Jeonju is undoubtedly one of the best places to go in Korea to experience traditional Korean food and culture, but many don’t know that this traditional city also has a bustling cafe culture with some of the best hidden-gem coffee shops around.

Here at 10 Magazine, we’ve compiled a list of 7 insta-worthy cafes in Jeonju, where you can go to enjoy a cup of java to either wake you up or calm you down.

1. Swan Park Cafe


If there’s anything that makes the aroma of coffee much more enticing, it’s the smell of dried flowers and sugary sweetness that come from freshly baked goods. Swan Park Café is a quaint and cozy place that’s remarkably pretty from every corner. Jeonju residents and tourists alike hit up Swan Park to not only enjoy the cafe’s selection of coffee and teas, but also to indulge in its homemade pies and tarts.

2. The Orchard

Art and coffee have one thing in common: they stimulate the mind and the senses. The Orchard café seems to do just that, as it combines a coffee shop and art gallery together in one sprawling green space. From the outside, The Orchard looks like a secret garden that leads to a tall, stone brick house. When you step inside, however, you’ll oddly feel right at home in the cafe’s rustic chic interior and soft, quiet music perfect for lackadaisical Sunday mornings. The Orchard is the perfect place to read a book, contemplate the art exhibits, or simply engage in light-hearted conversations.

3. [Closed] Café Youth

With its unfinished unpainted walls, old grandfather clock, vintage furniture, and loads of natural light, Café Youth looks as if it’s been untouched by the passing of time. Ironically, however, its name (Café Youth) suggests otherwise. This big space, made to look “old,” is a dream destination for Instagram enthusiasts who will most likely find every nook and cranny of this cafe completely insta-worthy. The only thing more insta-worthy than Café Youth’s interior is its selection of stylishly plated toasts that come drizzled with honey and topped with butter, cream, and fruit.

4. Café Manoah

Jeonju is widely known for preserving and esteeming much of its traditional and older architecture. In fact, many of the best and most beautiful hidden areas in the city were built in and around older buildings that have been well-preserved over time. Café Manoah is a good example of this, as this coffee shop was built in the spot of an old church originally established in the 70’s. Here, old meets new in an interior that retains the solemn, elegant ambience of a church but also turns out to be perfect for savoring a cup of coffee. Fun fact: Café Manoah sometimes rents out its space to couples who want to use the church-turned-cafe as a wedding reception hall!

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5. Bistre Coffee


Bistre Coffee is set in the backdrop of deep turquoise balanced with a wide space, quirky art works, and sophisticated decor. The coffee shop functions as a multi-use space that has several seating areas as well as private spaces that can accommodate group meetings. This quiet spot is perfect for customers who just want to grab a book (the cafe has a shelf full of must-reads), get some work done, or simply enjoy a cup of coffee.

6. Cafe Haruilgi


Cafe Haruilgi looks like the setting of a poignant poem or storybook. Its name literally means “a day’s diary,” and this transfers over perfectly to suit the coffee shop’s beautiful and somewhat nostalgic-like interior, which is filled with dried pressed flowers, vintage typewriters, telephones, old cupboards, and trinkets. Cafe Haruilgi is surreptitiously located in the outdoor shopping strip of Gaeksa, but slightly tucked away from the bustle of the trendy shops and crowded streets.

7. Oat Cafe


There’s something about quaint, unassuming corner cafes that beckon over passersby. Oat Cafe may be small in size, but it packs in tons of charm with its beautiful and cozy interior. Stripped of pretenses, this incredibly simple yet gorgeous coffee shop sits in front of an intersection, where you can people-watch all day long. It’s warm, homely, and its coffee and cakes will surely bring you comfort any day of the week.

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