9 Korean Instagrams You Need in Your Feed ASAP

korean instagrams
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Some say that Instagram is under-utilized in Korea, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t gems of weird, wacky, wisdom-dropping Korean-themed accounts to check out on a near-daily basis.  Below is a list of 10 Korean Instagram accounts to add to your feed today…




Dom and Hyo:  Cool Korean Learning


Dom and Hyo produce really informative, graphically pleasing charts and illustrations to teach Hangul terms.  Some recent favorites include a chart of Korean terms of endearment and an explanation of six of the strangest Korean foods.  You’ll also get a mix of photos from their adorable romantic and social life from time to time, but they post teaching graphics regularly in the midst of all that.

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Haro and Zeon:  Felines Living Large


C’mon, this is the Internet.  Are we not legally obligated to include something about cats here?

Just a couple of cats, hanging out in Seoul, being Insta-adorable as their human dresses them up as pirates and businesspersons.  The felines already have a surprising amount of followers, probably due largely to being featured in a Buzzfeed roundup of the cutest Instagram accounts around the globe.

Follow them on Instagram here or check them out on Facebook here!

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Boyane:  Street Art at Its Best


An illustrator and graffiti artist, Boyane’s designs overflow with details, curves, and color.  This Seoul-based Parisian has a distinct style that you may have noticed (or soon will) somewhere around the city…

Follow him on Instagram here or check out his Facebook here!


Food Guide Korea:  Getting Hip to Delicious


(Featured image)

This account already has an overwhelming amount of followers, and with good reason.  Users post high-quality, mouth-watering food porn almost daily, and the guide ensures that specific locations and prices are included.  Inclusions are varied and not exclusively Korean fare, so there’s something for everyone.

Follow them on Instagram here or check them out on Facebook here!


ZenKimchi:  The Best of Korean Food Blogging


You’ve probably seen the work of Joe McPherson’s ZenKimchi Food Journal splashed across the internet in various mediums, but you may not know that Instagram is also an option.  ZenKimchi has been recognized by the New York Times and a variety of other media outlets as a quality Korean food blog, and the tasty tidbits McPherson shares are definitely worth the follow.

Follow him on Instagram here or check him out on Facebook here!


Seoul Ink: Tattoo-grams to Go


Whether or not you have tattoos of your own, chances are you take some degree of satisfaction from admiring or scrutinizing them.  This account from one of Seoul’s leading parlors posts bold and often intricate designs from their clients.  But be careful – this one might have you dreaming up some designs of your own!

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Korea Tourism:  From Abroad, for Here


While it’s surprising that the Los Angeles branch of the tourism bureau has a better Instagram presence than the original, this is nonetheless a gem of an account.  Stunning full-color photos suggest experiences you could have around the peninsula on a regular basis… some of which you might not even know about!  Worth a follow for constant travel inspiration.

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PIK – Top-notch Korean Photography


This is the Instagram version of PIK (Photographers in Korea), an online photo mag that features some of Korea’s finest snappers.  A lot of the typical themes prevail, such as natural landscapes and street shots, but the styles vary greatly.  A welcome mix of Korean-flavored photos.

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Jankura – At the Heart of Seoul’s Art Scene


While it would be possible to list a few dozen inspiring, Instagram-using artists in Korea, it’s hard to favor one over another.  Instead, we give you Jankura, which brings together artists and art students for fine arts events in their Seoul studio space.  Whether using real fish to do prints (yes, that’s a thing) or having gothic sketch nights, there’s always something quirky and worth checking out going on here.

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Ten is a pretty limited number for this topic, so which other Korean Instagrammers do YOU follow?  Drop a line in the comment section to promote your feed or your favorite, and be sure to follow 10 Magazine on Instagram here!