Where To Find Authentic Italian Gelato In Seoul

Zucca’s Artisan Gelato is perhaps the best place in Seoul to get authentic Italian gelato.

Owned by Samuel Zucca, a native to Italy, Zucca’s makes a new batch of homemade ice cream every couple days to ensure quality and freshness. The ice cream flavours change seasonally and include flavours such as oreo, watermelon, pistachio, and tiramisu!

Just take a look at these insta-worthy treasures.

You can choose to put your gelato in a traditional cone.

Or opt for a cup!

Or get your scoop wrapped in an egg waffle!!!

The Hong Kong egg waffle trend reached Itaewon too😍 #icecream #seoul

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Zucca’s also offers coffee if you don’t think you can manage ice cream in this weather, but once the humid Korean summer rolls around here’s how to find your perfect scoop of authentic Italian gelato.

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How to get There:

When you arrive at Itaewon Station, get out of Exit 4. Walk the opposite way of the station’s exit and take a right at the intersection in the middle of Itaewon. Walk straight for 90 meters until you see a street to your left. From there, you should be able to see Zucca’s Artisan Gelato.