The Ultimate Guide for Muslims in Seoul
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When traveling in a non-Muslim country, Muslims can sometimes struggle to find ways to adhere to their religious principles and practices.

At 10 Magazine, we’ve created the ultimate guide to ensure easy navigation for Muslims in Seoul, Korea.

Mosques and Musalas (Prayer Rooms) in Seoul


CC Image courtesy of khelp on KHELP

The prayer room in COEX Center Mall is located on the third floor (F3) inside the exhibition hall. As Islamic rules require separation between genders while praying, there are accordingly two prayer rooms divided by a curtain for men and women. Despite occupying a relatively small space, both rooms are equipped with chairs, The Holy Quran, a Qibla sign that conveys the right direction to face while praying, and prayer rugs.

In addition, there are slippers and prayer dresses for public usage in the women’s section. However, unlike our next heading, this prayer room has no Wudu’ (ablution) section attached to it due to limited capacity. Thankfully though, there are toilets nearby that you can use to wash up before performing your prayer.


CC Image courtesy of  Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository

Lotte World is one of the most wonderful entertainment-related tourist attractions in Korea. A prayer room is located on the third floor of the indoor adventure park. The room is well-equipped and  has a digital display of precise prayer times and schedules, prayer rugs, a Qibla indicator and fortunately Wudu’ rooms for both men and women.


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Seoul Central Masjid is remarkable. Muslim visitors can feel relieved and content in the facilities’ traditional-style mosque, which offers sermons in English, Arabic, and Korean. Around 800 Muslim people participate in weekly Friday Prayers. As an expatriate of a minor group in a distinctively different country, what feels more supportive than finding people with the same background as you, and that easily? You only have to step foot in the mosque and you’re instantly considered family in the Seoul Central Masjid!

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Muslim YouTubers in Korea

كوريا بالعربي Korea in Arabic

The fruitfulness of this channel is no joke. Ibrahim, who runs the channel, is an Egyptian who has spent over 10 years in Korea and is fluent in the language. He covers very significant subjects in Korea regarding tourism, accommodation, commerce, hospitals, jobs and basically everything about Korea that might cross your mind as a Muslim.

أنا تشيريم Chaerim

Chaerim is a Korean high schooler who is fluent in Arabic and covers different aspects of Muslims’ concerns in her country. Her content includes daily vlogs, food videos, festivals, and travel videos.

Tebae 티티 

Tebae’s channel is in Arabic and mostly revolves around life in Korea for Muslims. She addresses Islam in Korea according to her experiences and covers topics such as universities, festivals and more.


Yalla Korea is originally a tourism company that specializes in providing comfortable and safe trips for Arabs coming to Korea. On its YouTube channel, Yalla Korea has interactive, informative and entertaining videos with Muslim expatriates in Korea who share their experiences and different viewpoints.

Apps for Muslims in Seoul and anywhere in Korea

Halal Trip Korea & Halal Korea – Muslim Quran Qibla

These apps are supported by the Korea Tourism Organization and Korean Food Foundation. They help you find halal places with an interactive map and send you a notification whenever it’s prayer time. These apps also includes other features that allow you to have an authentic Islamic trip that’s identical to the routine you have at your home country.

Halal Restaurants in Seoul



Eid 이드 Halal Korean Food Restaurant is owned by a Muslim Korean man who goes by the Arabic name Sa’d. In the heart of the “foreigner neighborhood” in Seoul, Itaewon, Eid Restaurant is always packed with visitors except on Mondays when it is closed.

With a native Korean cook who is Halal-certified, Eid is perhaps the best place to eat authentic Korean food that corresponds with Islamic notions.


Yang Good is a halal korean bbq restaurant that relies mostly on imported fresh meat from Australia. With tables placed snug alongside each other, Yang Good has a cozy family vibe to it. A must-try dish at this spot is the lamb rack, priced at 22,000KRW and famous for its tender and crispy texture.




What makes Kervan special is the variety of the menu. From kebab to falafel to pizza to spaghetti, Kervan is a place that satisfies your longing for the Arabic flavours that you enjoyed at home.

Arab countries share similarities with Turkey’s cuisine, so expect to fall in love with Kervan’s chicken shish kebab dish with Turkish olive oil, lemon marinade, hummus dip and pita bread ‘pide’.

Resources & Activities


muslims in seoul


Arab Academy Café is a special place in Gangnam for those of an Arab descent or for those who have an interest in Arabic language, Islamic history, or culture. It’s a place where you can study Korean or Arabic alone or in groups. If you’re an Arab expatriate who’s interested in Korean language or culture, this is the right spot for you since only Arabic is used in all of the interactions inside the academy! It’s a fantastic place for students’ gatherings to exchange knowledge or make new friends.

A day pass is 10,000 KRW. Free coffee or tea included.

MSAK (Muslim Students’ Association Korea) | SOUTH KOREA

Muslim Students Association Korea


Established by Salam Nuri Da’wah (Islam preaching) group, MSAK is a significant organization for the Muslim community in Korea, and especially Muslim students. The organization holds events, conferences, exhibitions, workshops and activities that represent Islam inside and outside college campuses.

Whether you’re an exchange or a scholarship student, or an independent student who decided to take your educational path to the next level by studying in South Korea, MSAK will take care of your inquiries from A-Z.



This is a unique one. Yes! Halal is an online open halal mart in Korea where anyone is able to buy or sell halal products. It provides many halal goods for Muslims in Korea, especially meat. The merchandise is very diverse and includes headscarves, praying mats, dairy, and even sauces!


A wide variety of superb and colorful head scarves and shawls takes place in this shop at the very famous Namdaemun Market. In addition, a number of other shops that carry hijab brooches and accessories are located nearby. The headscarves in this shop range between 5,000-10,000KRW.


A magical place where you can shop for beauty products without the slightest worry. No concerns or second glances are needed to shop at this halal-certified shop, especially when it’s Korea’s no.1 halal cosmetic outlet.

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