The Mighty McDelivery App Korea

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McDonald’s Delivery App “McDelivery” Hits Korea

If you were excited to find out that McDonald’s deliveries are easy and abundant in Korea, brace yourself, because the McDelivery App Korea has been recently launched! And it’s pretty simple.

If you already order McDonald’s delivery frequently and have a McDelivery Korea account from their website, you have only to download the app to your phone and login — your address and basic information will have already been entered, and things are pretty breezy from then on.

Click Here for the iTunes McDelivery App

Click Here for the Google Play McDelivery App

Your big question: “Does it work in English?” The answer, “Yes it does.” Simply click on the upper right of the McDelivery App Korea to switch languages if it doesn’t pick up your English settings. The only thing you probably have to note is the W7,000 minimum order for free delivery.