The Lotteria Ramen Burger in Korea

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The Lotteria Ramen Burger in Korea


The multinational fast food corporation Lotteria launched their “ramen (ramyun) burger” in South Korea on January 6th, 2015 much to the anticipation of a few people. While the ramen burger is not a new development in the world of food, venturing down to your local Lotteria franchise, one will find a poster proudly pasted to the window of a chicken patty sandwiched between two “ramen buns” for a limited time only. Served up in a wrapping with a fun display window, the burgers themselves are not much larger than a big ball of jumokbap. Once the wrapper is peeled back, it becomes apparent that the noodles have not been cooked until crispy and, though they are not soggy, only have a tentative hold on their shape. The burger is essentially a grilled chicken circle, lettuce, onions, spicy gochujang sauce, and the ramen noodles. It tastes exactly how it sounds, and after the first few bites, it becomes a bit difficult to eat as the noodles begin to fall apart like… well, like noodles.

Lotteria Japan had their own ramen-themed sandwich back in 2013 for a limited run and was met with mixed reviews. However, their ramen burger included a handful of ramen noodles sandwiched between a normal bun.

In the end though, the Lotteria Ramen Burger is a fun, tasty bite that could make your next fast food excursion diverge from the normal burgers and fries that you always get and bring a bit of noodley excitement to your day.