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The Coffeeist Manifesto
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The Coffeeist Manifesto

New Blog by the Author of The Coffeeist Manifesto

Steven Ward, professor living in the greater Gwangju area and author of The Coffeeist Manifesto: No More Bad Coffee!, has recently opened up his new blog which encompasses all topics related to his book, home coffee roasting, local café reviews and more.

The Coffeeist Manifesto was released in 2012, and has helped thousands of people around the world develop a new appreciation for their coffee. With its helpful tips and tricks, The Coffeeist Manifesto helps any coffee novice have a foundational understanding of the coffee industry and know how to differentiate between the good coffee shops from and the bad ones. It also includes instructions on how to make excellent coffee at home, and is available in English on Amazon and has recently been published in Korean as well.

Coffee aficionados living in Gwangju and other areas where good coffee is hard to come by can find more useful tips and fun reads that coffee expert Steven Ward has to share through his blog. Visit the blog at and stay tuned for future posts.