Technology-based Startup Visa for Foreign Entrepreneurs

Technology-based Startup Visa for Foreign Entrepreneurs
Korea International School

The D-8-4 Visa


Technology-based Startup Visa for Foreign EntrepreneursPerfect for young and tech-savvy entrepreneurs, this new visa (officially referred to as the D-8-4 visa) was designed to promote technology entrepreneurs from foreign countries in their business ventures in Korea. Eligibility criteria includes a nationally or internationally recognized bachelor’s degree (which means international students who have graduated from Korean universities are also eligible), intellectual property rights (including patents, utility models, design, and trademarks), corporate establishment and registration, and business registration among others. For international students currently studying in Korea, winning government organized technology or science competitions are also a big advantage in receiving the D-8-4. Successful applicants can stay in Korea on the visa for one year before having to renew, and the visa can be renewed for another year based on performance. For more information on the D-8-4 visa, please visit or contact the Seoul Global Center., 02-2075-4139.



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