Taejongdae’s Spectacular Seascape

Bid the beach farewell and head up to this lofty lighthouse for one of Busan’s best seaside views.

Words and shots by Mike Luedke

Busan visitors might list Gwangalli or Haeundae Beach as the best places to see the ocean. Less well-known but equally remarkable is Taejongdae Park, located on the island just south of Busan Station.
To reach the park, take the 88 or 101 bus from the stop located across the street from Busan Station. Taejongdae Park is the last stop of an approximately 30-minute ride. The island’s 250-meter peak is surrounded on all sides by a path that leads you through the main sites. You can choose to walk along the path (about 1 hour from the park entrance to the furthest point). Alternately, a tour bus operates at 30-40 minute intervals (W1,500 for adults).
At the entrance to the park, keep an eye out for a monolith that stands as a tribute to the countries that provided medical support to Korea during the war. Proceeding along the path, you’ll find a scenic observation deck providing spectacular views of ships passing through the port and, on clear days, Japan’s Tsushima Island.
Continuing along, the path winds up to its payoff – the Yeongdo Lighthouse Observation Point. The emblematic lighthouse stands on the edge of a steep cliff. A winding staircase allows visitors to stroll along a large, flat rock platform that legend claims is the place where pale gods went to catch some rays. Almost 120,000 years of rock layers can be seen from this platform. Also near the lighthouse, Gumyeong Temple stands as a tribute to saving life, built because these cliffs were once an infamous suicide spot.
After spending a few hours hiking along the scenic path and enjoying Taejongdae’s natural scenery, hungry visitors can find their way to the shellfish village near the entrance to the park. The famous dining location puts guests on a pebble beach with a seaside view to complement their grilled shellfish.