Sinchon 2nd Annual Water Gun Festival


This upcoming weekend, July 26th & 27th: get ready to get wet!

In Sinchon, the 2nd annual Water Gun Festival is getting ready to set off.The festival itself is set to take place in Sinchon, Yonsei-ro, and the street will be closed off for the occasion.

Admission to the festival is free, but a watergun is needed, which can be bought on site to various prices depending on the size and shooting power. In addition to the obvious “water area”, the festival boasts a Booth area, a Safe Zone and an Experience Zone within the festival grounds.

The festival also offers a package deal, rumored to cost around 18 000 Won, which among other things includes a waterproof bag for cellphones and other valuables, and a towel to dry yourself off with.

Organizers are expecting to see around 10 000 participants through the weekend, and it’s sure to be an experience to look back at.

And don’t worry! There’s plenty to do without just getting gunned down by crazy foreigners and Koreans with waterguns! The festival will also include a waterslide and various other water park experiences, in addition to dance performances and live music.

The festival is based off “Songkran”, the New Year celebration in Thailand. But who really need an excuse to bring out our inner children and getting to run around in the summer heat with a watergun.

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