Seoul: Where the Star Trek Journey Continues


Words by Matthew Jellick

Fresh off its appearance in “The Avengers 2,” the city of Seoul will once again grace the big screen—this time in the upcoming movie “Star Trek 3.” Mayor Park Won-soon said,“Today I met with Jeffrey Chernov, producer of ‘Star Trek 3,’ at the Paramount Pictures Studio and agreed to film a portion of the upcoming movie in Seoul.” The Mayor was in Los Angeles recently for a number of reasons, apparently including visiting movie studios, wooing them to the greatest Megatropolis this side of the Pacific.

The movie itself is scheduled for release in 2016, but the aforementioned filming will take place in the first half of 2015. It has been reported that the plot for the new movie will not take place in space, but rather on Earth. In response to the claims, Star Trek director Robert Orci stated, “The Mayor was a lovely man :)” Smiley face included.


Source: IMDB

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