Seoul Foodie Find: Gusto Loco Moco

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Seoul Foodie Find: Gusto Loco Moco

Words and shots by Gemma Wardle


When you walk through the doors at Gusto Loco Moco, you can’t help but have a smile upon your face. The bright and colorful restaurant is just what you need to put some sunshine in your life on a cold and dark night.

With a surfboard, flowers, and bright lights inside, it’s almost as though you are walking into a Hawaiian paradise, albeit a very small one. This cozy and compact restaurant has room for 5 to sit and about the same to stand, but you can also get food to take away if you are a bit on the claustrophobic side.



After we perused the menu, the Aloha Moco (W6,700) was recommended to us. I had no idea what to expect but was pleasantly surprised. You can choose between beef and pork, and we opted for the pork. It was soft and tender, and encased in a rich gravy. It was served over rice topped with a perfectly cooked fried egg sunny side up, and accompanied by salsa, pineapple and macaroni. It was very cheap and well worth the price. A coconut cream dessert was a perfect finish to the meal.


We also got the Wiki Wiki Burger (W6,500)  –  handmade beef patty, topped with salad and a special sauce, in a nice soft bun. The patty was well seasoned and the special sauce was sweet and slightly tangy. You’d be hard-pressed to find a burger with a better value for the money nearby. We got ours with a side of garlic fries (W2,500) which were standard crinkle fries you find in most places with their own special seasoning.

The menu also has various other Hawaiian dishes such as shrimp, pulled pork and spam. They also serve Hawaiian beers and a variety of cocktails.

Gusto Moco Loco is located at 342-16 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul. The nearest station is Hongik University Station (Exit 9).

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