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Seoul Foodie Find: Burger 4.5

Words and shots by Adam Kohlhaas

 Burger 4.5

Tucked away in a small pocket of Hongdae is a tiny little burger joint with big flavor. “Burger 4.5” is mainly a take-out restaurant, but there is enough space inside to fit about eight people for a cozy meal. The kitchen is run by one man who cooks up tasty burgers at a reasonable price. The selection of burgers ranges from the Red Rocket burger (onion, ricola, and spicy sauce) to the Chilli Cheese burger (American cheese, chilli, tomato, lettuce, and mayo). While the burgers are not known for their enormous size or crazy toppings, they can hold their own as delicious diversions from the many bland American-style burger options peppered throughout Korea. They are kept clean and simple so you can enjoy the flavors to the fullest. To accompany the burgers they also have a few side offerings of french fries and chicken nuggets, plus a selection of Hawaiian brewed craft beer by the Kona Brewing Company. For a burger with fries and a drink for around just W11,000, “Burger 4.5” is a great place to catch a quick bite to eat when you need your burger fix.

Burger 4.5

330-18 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul. 02-322-8779

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