O’s Art Group is a collection of businesses around Jeonju dedicated to art and culture in beautiful surroundings. There is O’s art garden, which contains a cultural and education centre where you can learn about traditional Korean etiquette and tea ceremonies. Mere minutes from the art garden is O’s gallery, which overlooks a small lake about 20 km outside Jeonju. There are few places I have been in Korea that offer such a beautiful view over a cup of coffee. The gallery has regular exhibitions and although it is small the surrounding area offers both scenic beauty and historical curiosities to go along with your view. Back in Jeonju, there is O’s Square, a beautiful cafe in the Jeonbukdae area and about 25 km south of O’s gallery on the banks of Okjeong lake is O’s House, another beautiful building in another great location that caters to art lovers and foodies and has guest rooms that take advantage of the view.
Jeollabuk-do Wanju-gun Soyang-myeon Daeheung-ri 409 osart.co.kr 063-244-7116