Korean Ashley Madison Users Shown by Neighborhood in New Map

How naughty is your neighborhood?

A new global map based on leaked data from Ashley Madison, the notorious site for discreet affairs, pinpoints the concentration of the sites’ users in localities around the world as well as the percentage of male.  In Korea’s portion of the map, the users are primarily separated by neighborhood, or “dong.”

Korea’s slice of Malfideleco. To see the whole map, visit the links below.

Of the two data layers of the map, named Malfideleco (“infidelity” in Esperanto) the layer showing user concentration is perhaps the most telling.  Korean Ashley Madison users are clustered around Seoul and Daejeon, though the current version of the map shows no data at all for Busan. (This seems unlikely, but according to the map’s producers, any areas with 10 or less people were excluded.  This may simply mean that Busan’s infidelity enthusiasts are more spread out).

Meanwhile, zooming in on Seoul shows that some neighborhoods are definitely more naughty than others.  For instance, Yeouido shows 132 users, while Apgujeong and Cheongdam, of Seoul’s notorious Gangnam-gu, show 92 and 164 users, respectively.  Yeoksam-dong boasts 182.  The two listed Itaewon neighborhoods on the map each show only 15 users.

A second layer of the map by a Madrid-based firm shows the percentage of male users, which globally hovers around 85%.  Korean neighborhoods mostly fall above the 85 percent mark, with a sprinkling of neighborhoods that stick out with slightly lower percentages.

Or course, this map doesn’t let anyone see the actual user data, including emails.  It does, however, give a glimpse into the geography of infidelity, both on the peninsula and abroad.  Given that a much wider range of detail was leaked from the site, it’s also entirely possible that a much more menacing, detailed map will emerge over the coming days or weeks.

To access the global map in detail, take a look at Malfideleco here.