Korean Plastic Surgery Ads: Entertaining or Infuriating?

Korea International School Banner Ad

Not Your Average Before-and-After

(Source: I Am Barbie)

As the “Asian capital for cosmetic surgery,” (CNN, 10 things South Korea does better than anywhere elseKorea is known for its advancements in the field, and the ads here have now very much gone above and beyond the typical representations of before-and-after.

Here are some examples of ads very typical to Korea — brimming with creativity and wit — which are entertaining and infuriating in equal measure.

1. This newspaper ad from the 1960s 

(Source: SBS CNBC)

Way to be ahead of the game, Korea.

2. All the eager mothers

(Source: Copy Machine)

The ad reads: (presumably from a mother to her daughter)
“Don’t worry, you’ll be able to get married now..”

(Source: Kgreensum)

Daughter: Mom! You told me I would be prettier when I grow up!
What am I supposed to do now?
Mother: Let’s go.

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3. This ungratefulness

(Source: Woojinad)

My mother gave birth to me
But the doctor made me

4. All the false promises 

Warning: Your wrist may get tired from being drawn too much at the nightclub. *It may be tiring to have a beautiful face, so please think it through before you visit.

5. And finally