Kid’s Classic: A Classical Music Concert for Your Kids

classical music concert

January 9

Classical music has long been touted for having a positive influence on early development and intellect, causing some parents-to-be to believe that playing Mozart for their unborn baby will result in the birth of a prodigy. Still, legitimacy of the “Mozart Effect” aside, the sensory stimulation of classical music has the potential to cultivate growth in every child. 

Kid's Classic EP

Kid’s Classic endeavours to do just that. By performing a collection of classical music that can be enjoyed by both parent and child, the concert series sets out to touch on a variety of subjects through classical music. On January 9, the About Strings Ensemble will explore mathematics through renditions of pieces by Mozart, Caccini, Handel, Bach, and Vivaldi. By peeling back the layers and delving into the rules and theories behind the harmonies with an entertaining approach, the concert fosters the interest of budding minds.

This concert series ends in March and attendance is limited to children aged five years and older. Kindle your child’s love for classical music early on with this kid-friendly classical music concert.


JJ Art Center Concert Hall. 11 am. W25,000., 02-3670-0422