Jukjeon Cafe Street

Jukjeon Cafe Street
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In Seongnam we have a little place that we so dearly love called the Tancheon River. You’ve probably heard of it; it can take you to dozens of places. Walk far enough and you’ll end up in Jamsil. The route we recommend is the one that takes you to Jukjeon Café Street.


Jukjeon Café Street is not accessible. It’s so hidden away that even locals have trouble navigating the streets to find it.

The Tancheon River takes you right up to Jukjeon Cafe Street, close enough that you can get off on a charming little wooden bridge that leads to it. Along the way you get stunning views of willows, parks, a tennis court hidden behind busy hedges and plenty of detours along the way if you need an early beverage to quench your thirst. It’s a hard workout on the legs if you enjoy jogging, but the final destination is worth it.

Of all the café streets, Jukjeon’s is widely regarded as the best. It’s nestled in a small little enclave, canopied by gentle trees and features more brunch specials than you can shake a stick at.

Jukjeon Cafe Street

To get to Jukjeon Café Street via, the Tancheon River you will see a large E-mart looming ahead, pass it and continue on to reach the wooden ramp leading up to the surface streets. Cross a few streets to get to the skate park. The café street is just behind it.