Jeju Discovery: Oedolgae

Words and shots by Mary Rager-Summers

On an island that’s covered in beauty, you know something is special when it leaves you awestruck – and Jeju’s Oedolgae is up to the task. Pronounced way-DUHL-gae and meaning “lone rock pillar,” Oedolgae is just that: a giant rock structure that emerges from the ocean just outside Seogwipo City. Rising over 20 meters, the rock is a popular destination for tourists, especially honeymooners looking to get their picture taken with the iconic silhouette in the background.

So you say big rocks aren’t really your thing? Don’t worry – Oedolgae has much more to offer than just this one scenic view. In fact, when expats refer to Oedolgae they generally mean the area that surrounds the rock. There are some non-native Jeju-dwellers that don’t even know what the actual rock looks like!

Oedolgae houses a wooden trail through a park full of locals and tourists enjoying picnic lunches, taking pictures, and soaking in the area’s barely-touched nature. You can see Oedolgae Rock from various angles, and evening offers the chance to watch a stunning sunset over the coast of Seogwipo. To take your stroll even further, follow the orange and blue ribbons and arrows that are the markers for Jeju Olle Trail #7, which is said to be the most beautiful of the Olle Trails.

Be sure to wander to the eastern portion of Oedolgae for the favorite spot of those in-the-know: the swimming hole. An almost-hidden stairway will lead you down to a bed of volcanic rock, a natural pool, and a prime location for cliff jumping and snorkeling. During summer months the swimming hole is populated with locals and tourists seeking a cooling dip and a place to soak in the summer rays.

Getting There Take Bus 8 from the Seogwipo Intercity Bus Terminal and get off at the Oedolgae stop.

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