The Human Desire for Love

Invisible Land of Love


It’s not often that art works and art exhibitions evoke emotions from deep within, emotions seemingly forgotten, but that’s exactly what happens at “Invisible Land of Love” by Ahn Kyuchul. Currently open at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul (MMCA), Ahn’s exhibition is able to reach deep down into the visitor’s past and pull on raw feelings.

“Invisible Land of Love” is not exactly about “love” in the romantic definition of the word, but rather about the love we’ve lost, the emptiness of our soul, and the longing for something better. According to the artist, the themes explored in the exhibition are those of “isolation and disengagement”.

Upon entering gallery 5 at the MMCA, a newly commissioned installation named “Nine Goldfish” contrasts beautifully with the whiteness of the gallery. Goldfish swim endlessly around a Tiffany Blue orbit, in their own designated lane and with no end in sight.

Another beautiful installation is the “Wall of Memories”, where the artist invites the audience to write a short message about things they have lost, lack, or long for. The paper messages are then hammered onto the wall of the museum for all to see.  

At specific times during the day, a pianist plays a thirty minute piece for “The Pianist and the Tuner” — adding another element to the exhibition atmosphere. After each performance is completed, a tuner comes in and removes one hammer from the piano, thus altering the original music and its meaning.

“Invisible Land of Love” at the MMCA in Seoul goes on until February 14, 2016. Entrance to the museum is W4,000. For more information visit